The Happy buddha

Rituals is a brand that I have loved for many years. This feature shows why me-time is important and the Rituals products I use during ‘me time’.

Rituals has been a brand that I have loved for many years, especially after seeing my mum using this collection I am talking about today.

Rituals as a brand is all about ‘me time’, relaxation and taking the time to care for yourself. This is something I fully believe in and this is why I love Rituals and their brand connects with me.

This Happy Buddha collection is perfect for hosting yourself some well deserved me time/ pamper night. The scent of Sweet Orange and Cedar-wood is the perfect balance of woodsy and citrus scents. This scent is not overpowering and just sinks into the skin perfectly.

My Rituals:

The Rituals that I try to keep up regularly are:

Allowing yourself time out of a busy day to care for yourself.

The Rituals App has been a saviour of mine recently as it has many beautiful meditation guides, yoga episodes and relaxing podcasts!

The products I love using are:

None of the links above are affiliate links.

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