Amsterdam city guide

A guide to visiting the gorgeous city of Amsterdam with recommendations from local Rachelle!

Amsterdam is a city that I have always wanted to visit especially after viewing The Fault in Our Stars for the first time (its one of my all time favourite films!) and it is hopefully one of the next places on mine & my boyfriend’s list of places to visit!

I find city guides super helpful just before I visit somewhere as I am constantly googling ‘best brunch places in… , or ‘best Italian restaurants in…’ just to name a few…

After recently starting a new job working remotely for Celestins Agency ran by the beautiful Amsterdam local Rachelle, I thought who better than Rachelle to give me the best tips on all things Amsterdam!

So here are Rachelle’s top tips and recommendations for visiting Amsterdam…

Where are your top 4 favourite places to eat in Amsterdam?

“I am living now almost 5 years in Amsterdam and I have tried a few ones.

Although we need to be honest that the services in The North of the Netherlands is very different than the south of the country. Especially in Amsterdam, as it can be really touristic.

There are so many places but if you really talk about top, top its rather a bit expensive but its very nice.”

My top favourites are below:

Where are your favourite places to spend the day in Amsterdam?

Huis Marseille is a private museum for photography located in the old centre of Amsterdam, in the old 17th century merchant’s canal house. The museum takes its name from the stone tablet placed on its front by the original house owner, which shows the French harbour of Marseille.

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands. They tell the story of 800 years of Dutch history, from 1200 to now. 

Of course I do love to walk through the Vondelpark. Which is the main park of Amsterdam and its really close to my house.

The city is very beautiful to walk through as it has so many beautiful buildings, which is very impressive and inspiring.

Perfect places for Breakfast/ Brunch? 

There are so many nice places in Amsterdam for breakfast and brunch but these are my top 3 favourites:




What are some good bars to spend a quiet evening in the city? 

Normally ( without COVID) it’s everywhere busy in town so if you would like to have a quiet evening don’t go to the bustling city of Amsterdam!

If you would like to have a nice evening with friends I would suggest the following:

Duke of Tokyo this is a supercool bar/disco/karoake bar

The Butcher Behind The Doors (this is a cocktail bar where you need to be a member)

Skylounge Hilton you have a very nice view over the whole city. I also love Double W especially during the weekend,

 Where are your favourite shops for gifts in Amsterdam?

I really love the following shops and shopping streets in Amsterdam and here are my suggestions of where to shop the best!:

De Uterechtsestraat

9 Straatjes

P.C. Hoofdstraat ( This is the expensive shopping street) – They have lovely fashion items and I used to work within this beautiful store! – They sell almost everything you need and they do have amazing brands inside.

biggest tips for visiting Amsterdam? (Hotel tips and best areas to stay)

Actually I still love the city very much, its very easy to go everywhere by bicycle. The buildings are beautiful, the canals are gorgeous, the shops are very nice and cosy. Also, the bars and restaurants are super nice. 

In my opinion the best areas to stay are Oud zuid, De pijp, Oud west are the best ones.

The best hotels to stay in really does depend on your budget but if you are a student I would recommend these: ( its is quiet cheapy and you are in a nice area) (this is a nice hotel, I do think its a bit higher level but its nice)

Also, Rent boats are very nice, especially if you are a couple its super cozy and romantic.

You can check out Rachelle’s agency here

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