Mother’s Day: 5 Mums on their beauty tips and favourite products

5 mums talk their favourite products and go to beauty tips!

Today is Mothers Day here in the UK so Happy Mothers Day to all the mammas out there.

My mum has always been my biggest inspiration generally and with all aspects of beauty and fashion. She has gave me all the best advice and taught me all her own makeup tips and skincare tricks. With me it has always been ‘Less is More” approach when it comes to makeup to enhance your natural features and not cover up your face. Anything I have learnt has been all from my mum.

In honour of Mothers Day I asked five mums on their biggest beauty/skincare/haircare tips and tricks that they swear by, here is what each had to say…

My Mum’s beauty tips and tricks

My mum told me that her biggest beauty tip would be to moisturise twice a day and never forget to moisturise your neck in an upward motion rather than downwards.

‘I like this moisturiser as it has a creamy consistency and leaves my skin feeling smooth rather than a sticky finish’.

Mum No2 beauty tips and tricks

‘Always drink a large glass of water and keep it next to your bed to hydrate.’

I particularly love the No7 Day and Night cream to moisturise.’

‘I also use Vaseline on eyelids, lashes and lips.’

Mum No3 beauty tips and tricks

‘The foundation I have found that is the best and the most natural looking is any from Bare Minerals’.

‘The Bare Minerals Powder foundation is my go to.’

Mum No4 beauty tips and tricks

‘In all my years as a hairdresser, my favourite hairspray and the best hairspray I have found and I can only recommend it!’

‘I only use OLAY face cream’.

Mum No5 beauty tips and tricks

‘The biggest tip I can give is to use hand cream after washing your hands every time as it makes such a difference and makes your hands so soft’.

‘I could not go without my eyeliner and mascara because it is all I need to make me feel beautiful.’

Thank you to all the mums who contributed to this feature and Happy Mother’s Day!


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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