Rever Jewelry

Our latest brand crush using lab grown diamonds to create their timeless pieces.

ReverJewelry is our latest brand crush. A brand that creates timeless and classic pieces that have a subtle shine to them. We spoke to Rever about their collection and being an innovative indie brand using lab grown diamonds to create their effortless pieces.

Over to the brand themselves…

What made you want to head down the classic / subtle but beautiful jewelry route? 
We decide to write a beautiful story, of simple and honest luxury, because we believe in a future with more transparency, sustainability and conscious choices. For this reason, we create unique pieces from responsibly sourced materials, lab grown diamonds and 18k recycled gold, to reduce our impact on people and on the planet.

Barcelona and Spain generally have such beautiful brands. What are some other independents you love from Spain/BCN?
We are lucky to have incredible talent in our country and there are many independent brands that also share with us values such as sustainability. Here are some examples:- Feners: shoes- Manola : activewear- Les eines: vintage and new furniture- Vera Blonde: bags- Borow: dresses- Ferent: sustainable store.

How important is sustainability and being ethical to you in creating your products? 
We are committed to create a responsible project that promotes trust in the jewelry industry by offering full transparency and creating jewelry with purpose. Our choice is to work in the right direction and being totally transparent allows us to tell you how and where our jewelry is created.We choose less is more in a world where, on many occasions, the acquisition of products generates an improper use of resources.

Our commitment embraces the entire production process, from the raw material to its delivery, reducing the environmental impact and guaranteeing the social rights of all the people involved.Our mission is to offer quality sustainable jewellery handcrafted with a contemporary and minimalist design. We know that changes take time and working towards sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement. For all this, we want to give you the opportunity to make conscious choices and together push the jewellery industry towards a better and more responsible future.

the brand has such unique pieces, what was the reason for starting the brand? 

We believe in jewellery as an art in itself. It connects with emotions, ideas and has to have a meaningful impact, transcending beyond aesthetics and design.From the French word “dream”, RÊVER is our jewellery concept born from our passion for art, fashion, and design. Contemporary and minimalist style, merges with craftsmanship and quality to empower the uniqueness of each woman. We created RÊVER just as we had imagined it, with passion and responsibility, with care and detail, and with a clear purpose in each piece.

Lab grown diamonds is something new to us, can you explain more why you use them? 

Of course! Lab grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical and physical properties of diamonds extracted from mines. The only difference is their point of origin: in the ground for a mined diamond, above the ground for a lab grown diamond.They are real like mined diamonds, but with less impact on the planet and the people who work to produce them. Our diamonds are sustainably created on the surface using cutting edge technology that replicates the natural growth process of diamond in a laboratory. Our trusted supplier uses green energy in order to produce diamonds in the most responsible way.Also, lab grown diamonds are graded and certified like mined diamonds. So, all our diamonds over 0.50cts are verified for quality and origin features through the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Diamond High Council of Antwerp (HRD) with an official certificate.

hat is your next moves for the brand for 2022?

We can’t reveal so much in this moment but… new collection is coming with new designs and new diamond shapes, hope you like it as much as we do! And also, new exciting partnerships.

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