Bold Place Girls: Meet Cherie Grist

Introducing the first feature in our Bold Place collection.

First up in our Bold Place x galerie de aims collection of features is with the ever so wonderful Cherie Grist Renshaw. Cherie is one of the co-founders of Bold Place and has been an absolute pleasure to work on a feature with and who better to start with than the lovely Cherie.

If bold and in your face patterns are not your thing then I truly believe you will be converted to the bold way of life after seeing some of Cherie’s work. Cherie’s bold use of colours and patterns make for the perfect addition to brighten up any room and below you can see Cherie’s designs in fabric for. Which by the way I can definitely see some kind of design of Cherie’s in a slip skirt or dress design one day!

Cherie is truly an inspiration for any local artists in Liverpool and not just female artists. The idea of Cherie’s to create a beautifully bright co-working studio space in one of the most creative parts of the city is what drew us to this collaboration with Cherie and the other powerhouse female artists at Bold Place.

Anyway you’ve heard enough of our rambling, over to Cherie to talk about her life as an artist and studio owner…

Your designs are so bold and beautiful. Where did your love of art come from?

Thank you Aimee! I think I might have been born with a felt tip in my hand because I recon I spent 90% of my childhood colouring in. I loved it and I think my family enjoyed the peace . My Nan and mum are both incredible drawers so they would teach me how to draw from real life. I loved designing clothes too and at the age of 8 I started my own fashion label/catalogue (which I still have by the way) called Pachalilly & Charley. I would knock on our neighbours doors and ask if they wanted to order my designs and I had fabric choices and colour ways you name it. I loved any type of creating but fashion magazines inspired me the most and I would draw for hours 7 days a week.

Your art has resulting in you creating Bold Place, can you tell us more?

Bold Place is literally a gift from the universe. I pinch myself everyday when I walk into that beautiful building. I started running an Artist studios (Duke Street Studios) with my two friends Colette and Laura in 2013. Our tenancy ran out on that site in 2020 and I managed to pull off the speech of my life to our two landlords which resulted in them offering me Bold Place. It was going to be a massive commitment and undertaking and didn’t want to go it alone so asked two of my Bold sister Jess and Chris if they wanted to embark on this journey with me.

We talked and talked about what it was we wanted in a space as creative business woman and what kind space we wanted offer. The idea of it being all female and a space for us girls to feel comfortable, relaxed, at home, safe, nurtured you name it, just naturally developed with each meeting. Then we just had to find our girls… we have 10 spaces including our 3, a gorgeous sun filled garden and community space for us to run workshops or events in the future.

You are an award winning Artist, what are your biggest tips for making art a full time career?

I’d say one of the biggest tips I can give is to experiment and trust your process. There is only one you and your job as an Artist is to express your voice and be true to it. You can be inspired by other people for sure but try to be inspired by yourself and your journey more. We’ve all got a story so tell that in whatever way you choose. Also I read everything and anything, nurture that critical thinking mind! It helps me digest thoughts and feeling and that is what I express in my work.

Oh and just play, ignore the pressure of trying to create a masterpiece! Create work for you. And practically… you’ve got choices… either work as a full time Artist and starve for your Art until the day you sell your first piece of work (it took me 5 hrs and was hard) which is what I did, or more sensibly get a part time job that takes the pressure off having to make work you think people want to buy.

We are excited for more of your beautiful work! So what is next for you Cherie?

On the 29th of April I am showing in the Refractivepool: Contemporary painting in Liverpool exhibition at the one and only Walker Art Gallery! I am so honoured and slightly in shock. I have also proudly been involved with this years Knowsley Borough of Culture festival, designing the official T-shirts for the event and painting a large human size cat which is part of the Owl and the Pussycat trail. I will also be hosting some workshops to design and paint the owl with the lovely community from Stockbridge Village (where I’m from) so looking forward to that. 

I have also signed with another Gallery in Paris and will be taking some time to work on my new body of work and also diving deeper into the NFT world. 

It is such a great idea to bring artists together. What is next for bold place? and are there any new artists or collaborations coming?

Thank you and yes it is! Our building was meant for a community of like minded strong creative woman! We are currently working on a Bold Place Kickstarter to try and raise some funds to tidy up the community space and garden so we can open our doors to more Bold girls. We are saying goodbye to two of our original sisters but welcoming three new dream girls so that’s exciting! We can’t wait to share our magical space with everyone and start hosting some events.

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