Bold Place: Meet Jazz Stan

Meet Jazz Stan, one of the co-founders of Bold Place. We hear her story into mural art…

Todays feature showcases the work of Jazz Stanley, one of the co-founders of Bold Place. Our latest collaboration with the shared studio space artists has featured many of the female artists

Jazz’s work can be seen all around Liverpool and beyond with some of her murals featuring globally in various spaces corporate and private.

Jazz is one of the Co-founders of Bold Place alongside Cherie whos feature can be seen in the Bold Place collection in the menu and Chris who will feature soon.

We spoke to Jazz about her story into mural art and becoming a go to artist for murals in Liverpool and Worldwide. Jazz discusses with us her journey into art and how she feels about being one of the brains behind the beautiful Bold Place studios in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.

Hear Jazz’s story below…

What made you get into mural art and turn it into your career?

Being impatient! I got impatient waiting to make canvases in the workshop in university so I started painting on the walls. But I’ve always been intrigued by ephemeral creations that have a life then disappear into the ether, my first mural I painted white after it’d been exhibited and I got a thrill out of making it knowing it wouldn’t last but it got to live for a moment. Murals can be like that too, you have to surrender them to their environment

Your murals are so memorable and seem to have a very notable style, what made you want to create such bold designs?

Thank you so much!! My main goal for my work is to evoke joy and I try and achieve that through colour and playful shape!

Your artwork can be seen around so many places in Liverpool and now beyond, what have been some of your favourite collaborations and how do you find them?

Typically I think clients tend to find me through word of mouth and Instagram mainly, and peoples support and recommending me for work really helped me get started. I wouldn’t be doing this without it. My work with Pretty Wow in Dubai was one of my favourite projects as it was my first international commission and was an unforgettable experience! Abstract murals are my favourite way of working so my murals with Chapters of Us are another personal favourite

What would be your biggest tips for someone who wants to start a career in Mural Artwork and trying to establish their own style?

Adhering to a clients brief and/ or brand and maintaining my own visual identity is tricky and is something I’ve been conscious of and have tried to achieve for years. 

It’s about finding a balance between being true to yourself and being a good collaborator and finding your style will only come with time. It sounds big but it can be simple, even down to finding a distinctive palette that resonates with your work and then adapting it to the project at hand.

How would you say you have developed as an artist since growing a following and becoming a go-to for murals around the city in independent businesses?

It’s hard to know in which specific ways as you learn from each job and project and rarely do things run smoothly when you’re involved in creating a concept for a business.

I’ve learnt that especially in the last couple of years that I’m adaptable and my work and my business can change and grow because I love to get to create for work so much I can’t let go of it and will pivot to get to keep doing this.

You are a co founder of Bold Place, why did you see Bold Place as something the city needed?

I’m so lucky that Cherie (Cherie Grist) asked both Chris (Christine of Curious Owl) and I to help her get Bold Place started after bagging us our spectacular spot in the city! We wanted to create a space to celebrate the women that are running their businesses here and everyone that will be involved in what we have in store here in the future as well as their creativity and somewhere to grow the talent this city has to offer.

The spaces themselves and all of the women who run their businesses here are extraordinary! I’m very fortunate to get to make work and lots of lovely memories here, Bold Place is pure magic!

What is next for you as a mural artist?

I’m finally getting to paint internationally again so I have a couple of mural projects abroad coming up and I can’t wait!

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