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Meet the Artist: Becky Boden Paints

Introducing Liverpool artist Becky Boden.

When we source our brand and artists to interview for our features we always try to find stories our readers would relate to and find interesting. Artist features on Galerie de Aims are always a lovely feature for founder Aimee to interview various artists and let them explain their journeys into art and how they have managed to make it into a career or a sideline.

Becky Boden, is an artist that hails from Liverpool and is regularly showcasing her various commissions on her Instagram (linked below). Becky offers various styles of her signature distinctive pieces for various prices and often has some gorgeous ones in her sale.

We wanted to speak to Becky on how her artistic style has evolved over the years and her openness to discuss how having a part time job is beneficial whilst trying to become full time with your creative passions.

Over to Becky…

What made you get into art and wanting to make that into your career?

For me, it was actually never a part of the plan! I always loved creating, and art was my favourite subject in school, but I don’t think I ever really considered that I could make money from it. I didn’t grow up in a creative or entrepreneurial family, and I think I lacked confidence in myself too, really. I did an English degree at university, and fell into the hospitality industry, but after losing my job at the start of the pandemic I was feeling a bit lost. I actually went back to my hometown and started sorting through my old paintings from school, which were taking up lots of room in my mom’s house, and I just put them on Instagram to see if anyone wanted to buy them before they went in the bin, and they all sold! It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, where I realised that there were people out there willing to pay me for my art.

Your work is so distinctive and bold, was it an easy decision for you to go down the painting route rather than a different medium? Do you ever branch out?

There is still so much that I haven’t tried, but I love painting and I’m very happy creating in that medium right now. I had a great art teacher at school who encouraged me to paint, so I guess it started there! I’ve actually never used oils, so I’m going to give those a go at some point, and I’d love to try gouache too. But I love painting with acrylics because I find them so malleable and forgiving. I sometimes use oil pastels and pens to add details, but painting is where I’m happiest. I like the freedom that acrylic paint allows to be messy and intuitive, and my work is so textured that I know that I can always paint over any mistakes – which helps!

Your paintings are so beautiful and individual, what inspires you and what’s your favourite thing about doing commissioned work?

Thank you so much! It sounds a bit basic, but I think colour inspires me most. I’m constantly taking photos of the most random things, just because I like how the colours look together. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me, and I find that even just a walk around Sefton Park leaves me itching to paint. And then, people, poems, food and drink, general life! I think I’ve always had a vivid imagination, so I might read something or eat a nice meal out or chat with a friend and I’ll be imagining my next painting at the same time, without even realising.

My favourite thing about commissions is being able to create something so personal for someone. It’s a privilege that people want me to paint their home, or their wedding venue, or their favourite photo, and I’ve had some really sentimental ones too, such as funeral flowers, a late grandparent’s home, and wedding flowers too, which is lovely and it’is such a nice moment seeing how happy that person is when they see their piece.

What would be your biggest tip for someone who is thinking of making being an artist a full time career?

I’m not there yet, so I don’t know that I have the answer! I currently work a few shifts a week in a restaurant for the financial security that that gives me. But I guess, make sure you’re financially secure enough to do it, and try to create different streams of income, so that you’re not completely reliant on one product or service selling well. If possible, create a space that is just for you to work in, and just create whenever you can! Talk to your friends and family about your work and ask them to share with their friends and family. When I started, I was really only painting for friends, but then it developed and more recently I’ve had complete strangers from all over the world buy my work, which is amazing.

Follow Becky’s beautiful Paintings on her Instagram here

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