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Parisian restaurants you have to visit

From Pizza to Seafood there is something for everyone…

Paris was the city I had always dreamt of visiting. The trip was everything I had hoped for and more. The typical french brasseries, lashings of wine and patisserie galore what is not to love about the city of love?

Our trip to Paris was filled with love, music and obviously lots and lots of food and wine. One of our must sees / must eats was a traditional French brasserie.

Here are 3 of our must visit restaurants on your next trip to the city of love…

Agata Pizzeria

168 Bd Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France

We stumbled upon Agata Pizzeria in a lovely area of Paris whilst trying to navigate the city via the metro when we came across the beautiful area of Boulevard Saint Germain. The sun was shining and pizza was calling. Agata was the perfect place to stop for lunch in a lovely area, with beautiful interiors that made for the perfect Instagram shot if that’s something you’re interested in. We were wondering round Saint Germain looking for somewhere to eat and Agata caught our eye. The place was filled at lunchtime with birthday celebrations, friends, families and couples all spending time together whilst sharing delicious Italian food! My perfect Sunday.

I went fairly classic with my order of Margherita which was perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. A perfect Neapolitan pizza in my opinion. On the contrary to my classic or basic pizza in some peoples opinions, my boyfriend had the Via Chiaia pizza which was a focaccia style base topped with fresh rocket, Parma ham, Balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil. This pizza was very fresh and light.

It is now a place l have recommended to other people who are visiting Paris if they want a great Italian lunch in a gorgeous area of the city.


5-7 Rue de la Bastille, 75004 Paris, France

Bofinger is just perfection for seafood lovers and non-seafood lovers alike. There is something for everyone. The restaurant boasts hearty fare inspired by Alsatian cuisine.

Located just around the corner from the famous area of Bastille, Bofinger was a restaurant we heard a lot of recommendations from friends we were with on this trip. When asking for restaurant recommendations we always got Bofinger first in any replies.  

The cuisine is a mix of classic French and German cuisine with heavy focus on seafood or Fruits de Mer to sound like a local. Considering the location being just off the famous Opera Bastille it still feels like a local hidden gem only known to Parisians and those in the know.

The restaurant is themed gracefully around the era of Belle Epoque and takes you back to that era with the food on offer. I would thoroughly recommend it and especially the chicken with spatzle and mushrooms. Also the mussels with Reisling wine and French fries are a staple dish to order too.

Overall, I would highly recommend Bofinger as a great classic brasserie in a lovely area of the city.

Le Reminet

 Rue des Grands Degrés, 75005 Paris, France

After trying to find an intimate traditional french restaurant we came across Le Reminet when searching for a Small bistro in the heart of Paris. Just around the corner from the famous Notre Dame we found Le Reminet it was nestled in a cute side street and seen to be a place only locals knew about. The restaurant held around 15 people in the front room and many more in the basement, which allowed it to have a cosy feel to it. It was dimly lit with candles and was the perfect date night backdrop.

The menu changes regularly but the desserts have stayed the same. In a rare contrast to feeding my sweet tooth I opted for the ripened cheese plate which showcased the best French cheeses.

Le Reminet is a restaurant that is perfect for a classic French bistro date night.


5 Rue du Commerce, 75015 Paris, France

After wandering the local area solo around before meeting my boyfriend. I was amazed by how much food is taken so seriously in the city and especially on the weekends when I arrived this was the first thing I noticed.

Paris, the home of patisserie and all things sweet. As it was the weekend of Valentines Day I wanted to find a good sweet treat for my boyfriend and I came across the lovely minimalistic store Popelini which had gorgeous pops of colour across the counter of their mini choux puffs in various flavours. The flavours include, passionfruit, vanilla cookie, pistachio, chocolate praline and many more. The mini choux puffs are morsels of deliciousness.

Each of which are delightful and made for the perfect gift for a loved one for any occasion. They have ‘choux de jour’ translating as choux of the day which is a speciality flavour only available that day. My choux de jour was cookies and cream which was lovely but very sweet. I recommend Popelini for the sweet lovers amongst us.

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