the european women inspiring us right now

these 5 women are inspiring in so many ways as they all flaunt chic style and effortless beauty on their instagrams.

Jeanne Damas

Rouje founder Jeanne Damas has been an inspiration for galerie de aims since we started. Her Instagram account @jeannedamas gives us an insight into her Parisian life and chic fashion.

In 2016, Damas launched her Parisian label, Rouje a fashion brand with French style classics to die for. The current summer collection shows off floral tea dresses, classic slingback sandals and quintessential French baskets.

Camille Charriere

Camille has been an inspiration for galerie de aims for a long time as she herself started a fashion blog. ‘Camille over the rainbow’. She now uses Instagram to showcase her effortless French style.

She is the host of the ever so popular podcast with Monica Ainley called ‘Fashion No Filter’ which I would highly recommend for your fix of all things fashion from two of the most stylish women. @camillecharriere @monicaainleydlv

Olivia Frost

Olivia Frost is the queen of vintage fashion on Instagram and in general. Her colourful instagram has inspired my own instagram @galeriedeaims

On her Instagram @oliviabynature she displays her timeless vintage hoodies, sweatshirts and dresses with the prettiest backdrops in her London apartment.

You can also find her on YouTube, where she shows her audience how to style oversized vintage items and what she eats in a day videos.

Lauren Bastide

Lauren Bastide co-wrote my favourite book with Jeanne Damas called ‘In Paris’ which focuses on the lives of 20 Parisian women on life in the city of love and light.

This book inspired me in so many ways, especially in creating my own platform galerie de aims after reading stories of amazing French female business owners.

Lauren also hosts a lovely podcast featuring the best authors and directors, called ‘La Poudre’.


Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez is considered to be the first Spanish fashion blogger. I came across her long-running blog and Instagram account recently and since then I can’t stop scrolling through her Instagram page of beautiful locations and selfies in outfits that are to die for.

Her effortless Spanish style and natural hair has inspired me and galerie de aims in so many ways.  She tends to stick to earthy tones and gorgeous prints on her Instagram where she flaunts her love for espadrilles.


(all images included in this post are from instagram pages tagged above)

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