Student fashion start ups

Ruby Designs and Ponky Wots are both perfect examples of unique brands started by girls whilst studying at University.

Ruby Designs Online

Ruby started her brand during the current lockdown after previously completing a textiles foundation degree at university where she will be continuing in September.

Ruby placed one of her designs onto a product and realised it would be the perfect opportunity to sell unique products made in the UK from high quality materials.

As this feature is all about student start-ups, I asked Ruby how she would balance university life and building her brand, she said ‘ I make sure that my University studies are balanced with my business, making sure time is spent equally amongst them both’.

Ruby is excited for the challenge of creating more designs for her business whilst studying for  her textiles degree.

Ruby’s favourite product are her bespoke bikini sets as they are perfect for holidays and are extremely high quality. Additionally the stainless steel water bottle is also up there with one of Ruby’s favourite products are the stainless steel water bottles as they are reusable and ideal for life on the move.

The inspiration for the designs comes from various artists she studies but she tries to create her own designs like no other to keep them individual to her brand and style so they stand out in the already crowded accessories market. The most recent design ‘shoes’ came from when Ruby was shopping at a charity shop to find the most interesting shoes she could. She sketched them out and voila the ‘shoes’ design was born.

Ruby’s aspirations for her brand so far is to be recognised as a British online brand that sells unique, high quality goods.

You can view Ruby’s products here:

Ponky Wots

Ponky Wots was started by Jade, who was looking to introduce a new hobby into her life but didn’t expect it to turn into a small business.

In terms of balancing her degree and her business founder Jade said ‘I found myself working every day of the week’. After her Ponky Wots business became a success she was able to leave her job as a cleaner.

Jade’s favourite product from her brand is the Ponky Cow print pot because it is a piece full of colour and character. Additionally, Jade loves creating the Ponky Orange Earrings, because the design is fun and cute with personality of its own.

After finishing her degree in animation, Jade is working on Ponky Wots full-time. Later this month the new Ponky Wots website will be launching with new earring/ pot designs.

Eventually, Jade aspires to continue expanding her brand and have her own store selling handmade accessories.

You can shop all things Ponky Wots here:

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