Make a statement: Q&A with Pink Piglet Jewellery

This feature shows a Q&A with the founder of Pink Piglet Jewellery Millie on becoming a successful jewellery designer.

Pink Piglet Jewellery

Where do you get your main inspirations from?

I am greatly influenced when travelling the world. Exploring different artwork, architecture and natural surroundings. Although I am at a loss during this surreal time – it has been a wonderful opportunity to slow down and really think about my brand. I think the most beautiful colours come from nature and that’s what I mimic in my jewellery.

And so it becomes a natural way of presenting my pieces, from source of inspiration to finished product. 

What does fashion mean to you? And how has it shaped your passion? 

I believe that fashion, especially a piece of jewellery is not just some ordinary thing that we wear, it’s our personality and attitude, a lot more that a woman carries. It becomes our signature. You could be wearing a really simple outfit, and fabulous earrings could really lift you up, make you happy. Jewellery has meaning and sentimental value, which I find very magical.

Why did you choose jewellery designing as a career?

Jewellery has always been a passion of mine but starting up my own business was never the plan. Pink Piglet Collection developed very organically and this is what I love best about my brand. I was heavily influenced by my mother and the inspiration that stemmed from her passion and boutique in the 80s.

Jewellery has always played a big part in my everyday life, always collecting an unusual pair of earrings for my jewellery box. This began to shape a potential career path, so I decided to go for it and start up my brand! It was a successful start-up from the support of family and friends. The brand has continued to grow and is now global. 

What’s your favourite part about being a designer?

For me it’s about longevity. Jewellery can transcend generations; it never decays. Very different to fashion, where it’s seasonal and changing all the time. The support and positivity from my customers and the people around me is special. I also love meeting new people in the industry! It’s very fun and I get a kick out of the work we produce.

It is rewarding when you bring a wonderful team together and capture the happiness that goes on behind the scenes and collectively creating end product. 

What skills do you believe are necessary for being a successful jewellery designer?

A good eye for what looks good and having the confidence to go for it and not to be intimidated by the industry or what other people may think of your ideas. Without sounding too cliché, you have to back yourself all the way!

What are you looking forward to the most with Pink Piglet?
I am looking forward to life as we knew it; the small things. Socialising with the people we care about, who excite us and help us to feel inspired and create. I cannot wait to get back in the studio and shoot. I also miss meeting new people along the way. 

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years? What are your visions?

I would like to have a flagship store in London. My brand has continued to grow organically ever since I named it back in 2017. It really is my passion and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved so far. It gives me great pleasure to know that people are enjoying my earrings!

You can check out the Pink Piglet Jewellery collection here: or in store at Wolf and Badger in London, England.

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