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Fashion to Stationery

Chica by Choy have ventured into creating beautiful greetings cards for charities after successful creating Kenyan fashion accessories.

You may have seen Chica by Choy on galeriedeaims before as they have featured in a post regarding safari-based fashion inspired from the heart of Kenya. You can view that here: https://galeriedeaims.com/2020/05/12/safari-meets-fashion/

After creating many successful fashion accessories Chica by Choy have ventured into creating chic greetings cards, all cards show beautiful illustrations of wild animals. All the cards have been created sustainably and in the UK. To keep each card available for personalisation, Chica by Choy have decided to leave the inside of the cards blank inside for you to fill inside with whatever you desire.

The idea behind creating the greetings cards was to bring a piece of brightness and fun to people’s lives during the current lockdown.

50% of all the profits goes to charities. At the moment the charity is the NHS PPE charity. But more charities are planned to be involved in the summer.

Chica by Choy have raised £500 for the charity so far!

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