3 Niche brands by amazing girls

These 3 brands offer a new look on accessories, sportswear and trousers and shorts. This feature is about supporting your independent designers.

Loopy London

Loopy London: Created by two life-long friends Georgia and Millie who’ve always had a passion for fun accessories but could not find any well- made original accessories at a reasonable price, so they decided to make their own!

Loopy London is a student run fashion brand selling bespoke handmade earrings all over the UK and around the world. The girls aim is to create funky hoop earrings that can brighten up any outfit for an affordable price.

Each of the girls have a different favourite product Georgia’s favourite product is their brand-new Flutter range, whilst Millie’s favourite are the wool wrap designs.

Soon to be launched are customised T-shirts, sunglasses chains and necklaces.

Loopy London are aspiring to spread their ‘Loopy Love’ wherever they can and are looking forward to the launch of so many new funky products like headbands, socks and new earring collections. They are also launching an ambassador programme in early June so stay tuned!


Alleviate Boxing

Alleviate Boxing was founded in 2019 in the university dorm room of founder Lauren Campbell. Her idea behind the brand was to create fashionable boxing apparel that was also usable for everyday wear.

Before she started at university founder Lauren took a boxing class which she loved and found boxing workouts to be more interesting than the gym. She came up with the name ‘Alleviate’ by linking the idea of boxing/sport to alleviate (lessen) mental health issues.

When Lauren started her class, she looked for cool, bright gloves and individual to her personal style. However, she couldn’t find any she liked as a lot she found were not her style.

Fast-forward 8 months Lauren was at university and realised that she could start a business selling fashionable boxing gloves as she could not find any currently on the market.

Whilst completing market research she decided to create a pair of fashionable Thai boxing shorts as they are versatile for all events.

Alleviates aim is to make people feel great in their sportswear.

Some of Lauren’s favourite products from her brand are the Skye shorts as they are so easy to wear and are perfect for the gym but can also be worn as everyday wear with a crop top or oversized T-shirt.


RAFIKI originally started as a brand selling traditional Kikoy trousers and towels and they found them to be popular, so this year they have introduced Kikoy shorts and a new beautiful collection of crystal beaded earrings from South Africa which equally had a good response.

RAFIKI’s main aim is to inspire vibrancy to people’s outfits! 

All products are available in a huge array of colours making all their products unique to the buyer! RAFIKI is a perfect clothing brand for outdoor events or just lounging around at home.

RAFIKI, started from a gap year trip to the Kenyan coast were the founder had purchased a pair of authentic Kikoy trousers. On her return to the UK her family and friends complimented her when she wore the trousers and asked her to bring them some home on her next trip to Kenya in the following summer.

This snowballed until finally in June 2019 RAFIKI was born. Kikoy is a traditional East African cotton which is soft and colourful which makes it the perfect clothing material.

Founder Daisy let us in on her favourite products which are the Little O earring collection as they are fun and summery. They also come in an array of colours. Additionally, she loves the OG trousers because they are the first pair, she bought four years ago and is the reason why RAFIKI exists today!

The future of RAFIKI is always exciting and hopefully more travels to Africa will inspire new products!

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