Hats off to you…

The Hat Club have let us in on the story behind their business and how to find the perfect hat for any occasion.

The Hat Club

The Hat Club was started by two women Sophie and Zoe in 2017.

The showroom based in Cambridgeshire boasts thousands of fabulous designer hats in colours and styles  from various milliners all around the world. The girls were looking for an opportunity to embrace a new challenge that could fit around their family commitments.

The Hat Club was the perfect opportunity for the two as it allowed them to combine their passions of millinery and occasion wear.

Their aim is to share their extensive experience of wearing stunning hats with their customers, ensuring that all their customers choose the right hat for them. Ladies can visit their showroom or hire their hats directly through our website and The Hat Club will courier them anywhere in the UK.

The Hat Club add to their collection of hats and headpieces yearly by visiting each milliner and working with them to design the individual pieces. Over the past three years The Hat Club have welcomed many more milliners and designers as they are always striving to give their customers more choice.

Left: makeup by Doll_Creative

The Hat Club are proud owners of different styles of headbands in their showroom, but this year they have added a new stunning headband by Merve Bayindir, a Turkish Milliner based in London.

The intricacy in the detail of the headband is quite beautiful and being in a nude colour gives it versatility for most outfits.

The Hat Club are incredibly excited to collaborate with Style Collective London. (www.style-collective.com) an exclusive platform for renting luxury clothing.

Galerie de aims has also collaborated with Style Collective London and you can view our Q&A with the founder Tiffany Luckett. The feature can be viewed here: https://galeriedeaims.com/2020/05/11/the-future-of-occasion-wear-with-style-collective-london/

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