Rouje: the french brand inspiring us all

Parisian brand Rouje have recently released their new summer collection and these chic capsules are to die for…


Rouje is a brand that has inspired my own personal style since its start in 2016. Started by French it girl Jeanne Damas, Rouje has focused on creating a collection of French classic style consisting of perfect midi/tea dresses, classic prints and fabulous floral blouses.

As its already been shown on galeriedeaims, Jeanne Damas is one of my many style inspirations as she styles clothes so effortlessly.

Left: Leno Blouse

In mid-May Rouje launched their new collection with inspirations from Damas spending past summers in the south of France.

The new collection boasts three capsules of elegance. The first capsule focuses on ‘Silk’ which shows light and flowy dresses and silk camisoles.

The heart capsule is a personal favourite of mine as the prints are so elegant and show that print can still look chic and not overdone. This capsule shows midi dresses and cropped wrap blouses.

Right: Veronica Espadrilles

The floral capsule shows off beautiful original floral patterns in chic blouses and tea dresses.

The new Rouje collection showcases pieces that are versatile for day and night but still elegant. Rouje is quintessentially French and each capsule homes beautiful baskets and espadrilles.

Left: Normann Blouse

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