Love Maja: the brand doing wonders with swimwear

Looking for a swimsuit nobody else has? Love Maja has the answer.

Love Maja

Love Maja is a zero waste handmade swimwear company that also offers a bespoke service where you can design your own one bikini from scratch (to ensure everyone can find something that they feel confident in, if we don’t stock it we’ll make it just for you!)

left: The Zuma Bikini

Everything is designed & hand sewn by the founder and the owner Sasha Pyfrom. All their products are made to order, and they use as many fabrics as they can to create their niche products, they aim to source as many recycled products as possible. At the moment about 50% of their fabrics are recycled but they aim to be using 100% recycled fabrics by 2022.

left: The Lima Bikini

In terms of being zero waste, all scrap fabric cuts are upcycled into one off patchwork swimsuits, scrunchies and headbands. Any scraps that are too small are sent to be recycled again!

left: The Tanga Bikini

Love Maja founder Sasha Pyfrom is from the Bahamas and the country recently suffered the strongest hurricane (Dorian).

The hurricane wiped out a large area of the country in Freeport and Abaco. Sasha wanted to create a bikini to raise as much money as she could to send back home to the Bahamas for relief funds.

left: The swimsuits created for the Bahamas charity campaign

Sasha’s favourite piece will always be the original Zuma bikini as it has a unique design and is her most popular piece. Not far behind is the Lima bikini.

left: The Zuma Bikini

you can shop the Love Maja collection here:

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