safari meets fashion

Take a walk on the wild side with authentic African accessories by Chica by Choy. Are you ready to join their tribe?

Chica by Choy

Chica by Choy is a niche accessories and jewellery brand and soon to be selling home décor (you heard it here first) which is all made by the Maasai in Kenya, Africa.

From a close relationship with the retired fashion designer, Annabelle Thom, the founder of Chica by Choy Alexa was inspired to take a walk on the wild side and decided to create a few pieces herself. She has worked with local artisans to give joy to the receiver of every purchase.

Chica by Choy is a new and small business currently based and being shared throughout Nairobi, England, The Bahamas and Singapore. Their vision is to introduce and inspire the world with Kenyan fashion and culture. Chica by Choy’s goal is to use their brand to share and give back to the people, the land and the wildlife.

Chica by Choy would love you to join their journey. ‘We always promise to impress’ says Alexa.

Safari meets fashion, meets boho chic.

You can join the tribe here:

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