A weekend in… Berlin

A guide to spending a weekend in beautiful Berlin… places to go, places to eat, and the obvious tourist attractions you should see.

I first visited Berlin in February 2019 as part of a 5 day trip with my friend and instantly fell in love with everything about the city. This year I visited for the weekend in January with my boyfriend and this trip solidified my love for Berlin.

Where to eat- breakfast/brunch?

Our mornings spent in Berlin were spent trying to find a cute cafe for brunch and we found one that I wish we had back here in the UK! A Never Ever Ending Love Story. The cutest cafe with the most picturesque backdrops to take photographs in the waiting area.

I recommend the scrambled eggs with chorizo or the homemade granola. For a treat I would highly recommend the Nutella & strawberry pancakes. A perfect brunch treat.


Where to eat?- Lunch

Berlin offers so many great lunch spots that offer so many different varieties of food options. Two of my favourite lunch spots were ‘What do you fancy love? and ‘Coffee Drink Your Monkey’ despite being amazingly named they both offer the most amazing freshly pressed juices and fresh sandwiches for a lighter lunch.

Personally, I think the best juice in What do you fancy love? is the ‘Sex Bomb’ which is Raspberry, Apple and Ginger. I highly recommend it if you like fresh juices with a kick! For something sweeter What do you fancy love? do the best carrot cake I have ever had! The lemon cake is also amazing!

Coffee Drink Your Monkey is perfect for a late lunch or afternoon pick me up! I love the juice ‘Sour Power’ with Grapefruit, Raspberry and Apple. However, the juice ‘Sunshine’ with Pineapple, Apple, Lime and Ginger is also fabulous!

Where to go? How to get around?

I obviously cannot fit everything to do in Berlin in one feature as Berlin has so many. But these are just what I did during my trip to Berlin.

During my first trip to Berlin we travelled mostly by the U-bahn trains & the S-bahn trains. You can reach all parts of the city by using the trains and they come frequently. I would recommend buying a day ticket for 7€ as it is works out cheaper than buying one separate ticket each time you get the train.

However, on my most recent trip we travelled around the city using Lime Scooters and I have to say I think this is the best way to travel around the outdoor tourist attractions like the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, The Berlin Fernsehturm (TV tower), The memorial of the Murdered Jews and Checkpoint Charlie as they are all fairly close in distance and I think the best way to see them is by scooter. ( They are all in the borough of Mitte)

Places to see…

If you hop on the train to Warschauer Strabe you will find bustling hipster area that is home to the East Side Gallery which you cannot miss during a trip to Berlin. I have been twice now and every time it does not fail to impress. The gallery shows artwork by global artists on the last remaining part of the Berlin Wall.

In the same area of Warschauer Strabe you can find the world famous Berghain Nightclub and the East Side Mall.

Further west of the main centre of Berlin is the Olympiastadion, which I visited this earlier this year. the stadium is from the 1936 olympic games. I would recommend visiting the Olympic Stadium if you are interested in history or the history of sports. We both really enjoyed ourselves and it is good to see a different area of the city.

The history of the Berlin 1936 olympic games is very interesting and the Olympic Park boasts many interesting facts about the history of the Olympic games and how it was used for Nazi Propaganda!

Where else to go? Museums

Berlin is famous for its vast amounts of museums and here are a few I would recommend visiting.

Pergamonmuseum: Located on Berlin’s Museum Island showcases Ancient East artifacts from Egypt, Iran & Southern Asia etc.

DDR Museum: Located in Mitte, the DDR museum is interactive and shows off life in the former East Germany.

Museum für Film und Fernsehen: The Berlin Film and TV museum located in Potsdamer Platz shows many floors of the German film archive. Definitely worth visiting if you are interested in cinema- also worth visiting even if you are not massively into it as it is still an interesting museum!

Quirky & Unusual Attractions

Berlin has many attractions to visit and there definitely isn’t enough time in the day to visit them all. Here are a few weird and wonderful attractions off the beaten track! I would love to visit some of these on my next visit to Berlin as I have heard so many positives about it.

Badeschiff: Berlin Floating Swimming Pool: part of a moored vessel. Badeschiff literally translates as ‘ Bathing Ship’ and thats what it is, located in Ichenstraße. This attraction gives people to opportunity to visit the ‘beach’ and ‘sea’ without the trip. During the summer there is an open air bar and sports classes. In area also hosts many concerts and events.


Tajikistan Tearoom: This authentically asian tearoom gives Berlin a slice of eastern traditions. The tearoom is filled with Persian furnishings and traditional carpets. You can find the tearoom in Oranienburger Strabe. The Tajikistan Tearoom is perfect for an afternoon pick me up in a different style of ‘cafe’.


Tropical Islands is the worlds largest indoor waterpark and it is just south of Berlin (One hour away.) The waterpark is based in an old airport hanger making it the worlds largest indoor waterpark. It homes an olympic swimming pool, various waterslides, a full service spa, a golf course and an adult sauna. On my next trip to Berlin I will definitely visit this waterpark!


Special mentions… Breakfast & Dinner

Benedict Berlin offers an amazing breakfast and they are the only restaurant I know who offer breakfast 24/7! I had visited Benedict and it was well worth the wait. I had the dark chocolate and banana pancakes with dulce de leche. Definitely an indulgence. I would also recommend the Shakshuka and the classic Eggs Benedict.

If attending Benedict at the weekend I would advise you make a reservation before 9:30am.

Burgermeister is a chain all over Berlin known for starting in a old public toilet in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and it has now expanded to many areas of Berlin including Zoologischer Garten etc. In my humble opinion it is the best burger I’ve ever had. I highly recommend the Bar-B-Q-Burger.


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