Talking sustainable fashion with Adam&Neve Clothing

Adam&Neve clothing are a fashion start up with a passion for keeping their brand as sustainable as possible. Here’s their story…

Adam & Neve is an up and coming ethical clothing brand that combines playful graphics, comical designs and vibrant colours. With collections ranging from music to vegetables, once you buy one design, you’ll want them all and I certainly do.

Why did you start your brand?

We started Adam & Neve as part of a university business module. The idea to start a fashion brand came almost instantly as we felt we could bring our unique designs to the market and offer items that others do not. Adam & Neve also allows us to explore drawing and graphic design, something we both love.

What is it like working with your best friend? 

The experience has been amazing. We are both similar and share the same views, it’s great that each ‘business meeting’ feels like a normal catch up. There can be challenges and creative differences but nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix. 

Where did the idea come from?

We are both creative individuals and wanted to design clothes that we would love to wear. As lovers of fashion, we noticed a lack of fun graphic designs on the market that were both ethical and affordable. 

Why is sustainability so important to you as a brand?

The fashion industry has a huge negative impact on the environment and as a start-up fashion brand, we wanted to do what we can to avoid contributing to this.

We believe that everyone should try to make a conscious effort to lower their carbon footprint. In this day and age it is becoming increasingly popular to preach about ethical practices without doing anything, something we wanted to actively avoid at all costs by focusing our efforts on making a positive change.

How is sustainability shown in your brand? 

Our 1 tee = 1 tree policy means that for every t-shirt bought, we will plant a tree in a number of charity projects across the world. Customers can even choose where their tree is planted, from Madagascar and India to the USA. The trees planted in our first few months alone have already captured almost 1 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

We have carefully selected our supplier to ensure our morals and values align. Our supplier is carbon-neutral, uses only fair trade cotton, with non-toxic printing methods and is fair paying to its employees. 

A key part of our story is the use of recycled fabric for our tags. To lower the waste we produce, all of our garments are finished with a handmade tag to made from the offcuts of a local fabric shop.

What are your aspirations going forward with your brand? 

We would love to expand our range of products as well as develop more creative designs. We want to reach as many customers as possible and expand our sustainable practices to allow us to keep up with demand whilst staying true to our ethical values. 

We encourage diversity, creativity and body positivity and love nothing more than empowering our customers through our fun clothing. 

What are your favourite products? 

Adam: I love our milk carton t-shirt from our first collection as it was one of the first designs we created and is so easy to wear and style. I can’t say too much. but an upcoming release features some amazing items, one of which I wear almost every day and cannot wait to share, so stay tuned to be updated when it is released!

Niamh: My favourite product has got to be our commemorative graduation hoodies. The meaning behind them is really personal to us and I love that we used our brand to create some unity for people in a similar position who had their graduations postponed/cancelled this year. And I’ve got to say tie dying hoodies is now my new favourite pass time!

You can check out the Adam & Neve Clothing website here:

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