Talking Cafe Culture in Liverpool with ‘Coffeeholic Social’

Rebekah owns ‘Coffeeholic Social’ a lifestyle blog in Liverpool. I spoke to her about how Cafe Culture in Liverpool is on the up and her recommendations for a good cafe in the city.

What is Coffeeholic Social? & How did you get started?

My background is in Visual Merchandising, using data, trend knowledge and creativity to sell to a specific targeted consumer, I found translating this into content creation came quite naturally.

What started out to be just another Social Media Management company, evolved over Lockdown into a mini blog space that has given me an area to express my interests and explore new trends, separate from my life as a mum.

My plans for Coffeeholic Social is for it to be a collective space showcasing the best in fashion, art, culture and wellbeing, as well as creating bespoke content for brands and freelance display and styling services. 

Why do you think it is important to support independent coffee shops/ cafes?

They are the cornerstone of our culture, these people are following a passion and a dream, I think it’s important to support people who are putting their livelihood on the line.

Independents can be more reactive to culture changes and it’s inspiring to see, with many using their spaces to help during the COVID-19 quarantine period by opening their doors as foodbank donation sites and delivery services, Deli’s offering fresh produce and store cupboard essentials (such as eggs & flours when you couldn’t get them in the supermarkets), or offering their products online. 

Do you have a favourite type of coffee? And who in Liverpool would you say does the best?

 For me it has to be a Flat White, which I first experienced in Australia 8 years ago and personally Belzan on Smithdown Road do the best Flat White in the City! However, I am a huge fan of a straight black filter coffee, and for this I have to turn to Ditto in the Baltic Triangle, luckily my husband and I were able to continue our love affair with their coffee during Lockdown by purchasing online!   

Do you think meeting up with friends in cafes or coffee shops is becoming as popular as meeting bars and pubs?  

I think meeting friends in coffee shops offers a different experience to bars. Coffee shops & cafes offer more than used to, with places offering a wider range of restaurant quality foods, wines and cocktails into the evening, in a more relaxed setting and I think, as we migrate through this very uncertain period, the idea of meeting in more open environment, is preferable to the hassle and bustle of bars and nightclubs. 

Do you think there has been a sudden rise in cafe culture in Liverpool?

 I moved to the city on 2003 and since then there has been a huge rise in café culture in Liverpool – with the boom in creative agencies and freelance workers needing a place to work.

Liverpool now houses a huge array of independent cafes from Bold Street and the Baltic Triangle, to outside the city on Allerton Road, Smithdown Road, Lark Lane, Penny Lane and into the parks at Greenbank and Calderstones. 

What are the benefits of choosing an independent coffee shop rather than a chain? 

 It’s much more relaxed and personal experience and although a Starbucks drive-thru is easy and essential some mornings, I would much rather wait 20 mins for an artisan to pour me the perfect flat white have a chat. 

Being a regular at an independent is a personal experience, they become your friend and greet you warmly, have your drink ready before you have to ask. 

The top 5 recommendations for coffee shops & cafes in Liverpool from Rebekah aka ‘Coffeeholic Social’

Belzan (@belzan_lpl) has to be number 1 for me, not only is it within walking distance to my home, it also offers incredible coffee, a fantastic menu of locally sourced produced for breakfast, brunch and dinner, amazing (and kick-your-ass) cocktails all with a laid back, funky soundtrack. The staff are extremely welcoming and always give my children free biscuits when I pop in for a coffee on the way to the park!

Ditto ( is my working coffee break – based in the heart of the Baltic Triangle and run by Music management company Ditto. The coffee is strong and beats the mid-afternoon fatigue.

The Watering Can (@thewateringcanliverpool) in Greenbank Park, bridges the gap between park café, where I can meet friends with our kids, brunch at the weekends (pre lockdown), a place to work in the mornings until it becomes time to order their amazing Caesar salad for lunch.

 A Slower Space (@aslowerspace) is the perfect combo of coffee shop and curated lifestyle store – I can spend forever here, sitting at their bar drinking a great coffee, people watching, buying more soaps, cards and plants than I need! The owners Mike & Michelle are so welcoming and always have time for you. Definitely somewhere to check out! 

Polidor 68 (@polidor68) is my day to night café – the place I meet friends when I know an afternoon coffee is going to turn into a bottle of wine! It’s also a great place to work in the mornings offering great pastries and laid-back French music, makes you feel like you have popped over to Paris, and Paris is always a good idea! 

Below: A map of the Coffee Shops/ Cafes mentioned above^. (Click each marker to reveal address!)

If you would like to contact Rebekah with any collaboration ideas you can contact her here on Instagram: @coffeeholicsocial or by email: !

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