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DeMoo Jeans are creating sustainable customised jeans. I spoke to them to discuss their ever-growing brand…

What is DeMoo Jeans?

DeMoo Jeans is a student-led brand which up-cycles second-hand denim and hand-makes headbands. We use a wide variety of unique embellished ribbons from India to give our second-hand jeans a new life and to handcraft our funky bands. When we launched in 2018, we initially focused on the up cycling element of DeMoo but we then had a brainwave moment. We began using the jeans trims to create our headband range which is now a key part of what DeMoo is today. 

What made you start a jeans brand in particular?

DeMoo is the marriage of two things the team loves: sustainability and fashion. Even before we all came together to set up the brand, we had always had a great love for up-cycling everything. 

The idea came from a shopping trip for jeans and denim in charity shops. to up-cycle the denim pieces using animal prints and embellished ribbons, giving them a new life. This is what inspired the name ‘DeMoo’ -The ‘De’ comes from denim. ‘Moo‘ comes from the signature cow print which is the pinnacle of our brand.

After our brand continued to grow we decided to start creating the headbands as well which have been a great success. Each of our unique bands is named after a DeMoo-er (one of our customers) and have even been worn by the likes of socialites Emma Louise-Connolly and Eliza Batten.

During lockdown, we also have launched a Through Bands We Stand collection of headbands with £3 of every band being donated to a cause of our choice. We are currently supporting Show Racism the Red Card. 

Where do you get inspiration from for your designs? 

DeMoo initially started as a small project, giving us a creative outlet to explore our take on sustainable fashion. We tend to not take inspiration from any brand or designer in particular; instead, what we create and all the materials we use are inspired by our own fashion tastes. You could say that our main inspiration was (and still is) to create a student brand that promoted sustainable fashion. 

What are your favourite styles of jeans to customise?

Using second-hand jeans means we have access to an incredible variety of denim pieces. From the cut, shade and fit; we are spoilt for choice. We personally prefer using the wide leg and flared style jeans as they work best with the materials we use but it really is entirely up to the customer to choose the pair that suits them best! Every pair of jeans is unique.

How do you keep your products sustainable?

Sustainability is at the core of the DeMoo and is what inspired us to start our own business. Up-cycling is one of the most effective ways to practice sustainable fashion.. DeMoo strictly upcycles second-hand jeans and jackets for our customers. By buying jeans from us, you are making a stand against fast fashion

. In the past year, we have even started using bio-degradable packaging for our DeMoo bundles of love. Even though DeMoo is still a small business, we believe buying from us is a step, if a very small one, in the right direction, encouraging people to buy into slow fashion. 

What are all your favourite products?

We have been absolutely blown away by the response to our new hand-painted collection and can easily say that they are our favourite designs for all three of us at the moment! We have loved experimenting with a new medium to upcycle jeans and taking inspiration from our original animal print trims using similar patterns in our hand-painted designs. 

The Future

What are you looking forward to in the future with your brand?

Now that two of the three-man team have graduated Durham, we have lots of exciting plans in store for DeMoo. Obviously, the virus has slightly hindered our DeMoo dreams for this summer, including trading at festivals and holding pop up stores in London, but we are still hoping to shift our plans to next summer! We are looking into expanding our range of upcycled products and designing our own materials here in the UK so watch this space! 

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