Aims approved:body lotions

Body lotions swamp the shelves in beauty stores and pharmacies, making it hard for us to decide which one to buy. Here is my guide for finding your perfect body lotion.

Firstly…Lets talk the importance of Body Lotion….

They seal in the moisture into your skin.

Body lotion can replenish dry parts of your skin.

Can be used to smooth our calluses etc.

Some can add a glow or a tan- if you like that, its purely personal preference (if you use one with a tanning formula within).

Now onto my recommendations for Body Lotion…



I have loved this body cream for years now. After trying other products I always go back to this product and now I know this will be in my collection forever. The scent of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom sings on your skin and each time I apply this product I always get compliments on the scent as it is so beautiful. I highly recommend this if you like a fresh faint floral scent. The formula of this is quite thick but not sticky on the skin after you get dressed.


Daily Moisturising Lotion For Dry Skin

As someone who has suffered from dry skin and rashes before, Aveeno has been the body lotion that has saved my skin. Aveeno is a classic brand known for helping save/ prevent dry skin. Oats are known for soothing properties and are good for treating dry skin. The formula is lightweight and is perfect if you have sensitive skin or suffer from exzema etc.

Getting that glow… DOVE

Dove Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tan

If you are someone who likes a body lotion with a gradual tanning element I would recommend this Dove gradual self tan body lotion as it comes in varying shades and is easy to apply and leaves a natural glow to the skin. I would recommend if you are someone who is wanting to get into using gradual tan.

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