Talking to… peas and bea

Peas and Bea is a jewellery company run by the two most loveliest girls. Here is my Q&A with Phoebe and Lily

This post is in collaboration with Peas and Bea.

Why did you start Peas and Bea?

We have always loved jewellery and enjoyed making it for ourselves. When our mother was in her early 20s she worked in a bead shop and has kept hundreds of beads since then that we have used for various projects over the years.

During lockdown we had a lot of spare time (like everyone else!) so went back to one of our old favourite hobbies and began making necklaces for ourselves and for our friends and family. On receiving lots of kind words and positive responses we decided to start Peas and Bea in order to share our designs with even more people! 

Where did the name Peas and Bea come from?

We wanted to incorporate our names Phoebe and Lily (Bea) into the business somehow, so we went with Pea for Phoebe and Bea as it is Lily’s middle name. We later realised that Peas and Bea is an abbreviation for pearls and beads, which we found to be a funny coincidence and confirmed to us that we had chosen a very fitting name!

What are some your favourite products?

Our favourites change as quickly as we create new designs! However, we each have a favourite staple piece that we layer with others or wear on its own a lot. Phoebe’s  fave is the green and pink Winnie and Lily’s go to is the yellow Zelie. 

What do you hope for your business in the future?

The dream would be to have our own little jewellery shop based in London and be able to spend our days designing, creating and beading! 

Where the inspiration for designs come from?

Our early necklaces were based on designs that we have always loved and worn as children and teenagers such as our solid seed bead necklaces, which we have found to be ageless!

A lot of the process is done through trial and error, we will think up a design and while it looks great on paper however, once it has been made, in reality it might doesn’t match our expectations!  Most of our designs follow from others and we’re definitely becoming more adventurous with colours, beads and patterns! 

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