transitional pieces- summer to autumn

As we all know the transition from Summer to Autumn in the UK comes with the unknownness of what the weather will be like, so in my opinion during this time of the year its important to wear pieces that are transitional from Summer to Autumn.

Here are my some of my favourite transitional pieces and how I like to style them:

trench coat

I love trench coats for the transitional period between Summer and Autumn. I find trench coats can elevate any outfit and are perfect for an Autumn evening coat as they aren’t too heavy.

My go to trench is a Burberry inspired camel trench coat. Some other colours of these trenches I would recommend if you are thinking of a buying a trench coat would be black, navy and of course the timeless classic camel shade!

I would wear the camel trench coat with anything, because it really can make an outfit POP! If you are looking for a staple coat for your wardrobe I would highly recommend a trench coat.

airy blouse/ button up shirt

I have always loved blouses and flowy button up shirts and I think they are the perfect style of shirt for the end of Summer/ start of Autumn period.

These types of shirts are perfect for the times when the weather does not know what to do with itself. These can be layered with a trench or a cosy knitted cardigan. I would recommend wearing these shirts with ripped jeans or leather trousers.

wide leg jumpsuits

Wide leg jumpsuits are the perfect outfit for day or night and can be worn in the transitional period from Summer to Autumn.

Some of my personal favourite jumpsuits can be worn with trainers or heels and they are always super lightweight and easy to thrown on for a comfy all day look.

Jumpsuits can also be layered with other pieces like a leather jacket or a denim jacket.

Straight Leg Jeans- Ripped or UnRipped

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