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Meet Five Dot Botanics

The brand with a passion for clean skincare without the nasties.

Today’s feature is with the amazing team at Five Dot Botanics. They are a brand passionate about promoting clean skincare with ingredients that are good for you and the planet.

Each product is made with the cleanest ingredients and made without the nasty chemicals that our skin doesn’t need!

Over to Zaffrin, one of the minds behind Five Dot Botanics…

Why is creating such clean skincare important to you?

‘Clean skincare is such an unregulated term in the beauty industry, meaning so many brands can and do misuse it when talking about it. Ultimately to me, clean skincare is all about transparency and trust, offering this at all levels, especially in terms of ingredients used. We focus on using plant based ingredients as these are incredibly powerful on helping you have naturally healthy skin. Consumers want to know what they are putting on their skin, and it’s important to empower them to know what’s in their skincare’.

What are your favourite ingredients to use in your products and what benefits do they have on our skin?

All the products we have created only use five ingredients and we are super selective when it comes to what we include in every product. My personal favourites have to be the safflower seed oil and lavender oil, I love these oils so much that they appear in more than one product! Safflower seed oil has linoleic and oleic acid, linoleic acid can help reduce acne and is essential for ceramides, which are known for being important for skin moisturising. Lavender oil has an entire history behind it, being used in ancient times, its anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for skincare and shows why people unconsciously used it, that and its amazing smell.

You are stocked at some amazing retailers, what’s next for Five Dot Botanics?

Hopefully branch out, I would love to see our products stocked in various places around the world. We have some new products also due to launch next year, so watch this space!

What are your must haves for the perfect skincare routine?

Must haves for a great skincare routine both morning and night has to be our Calm Shift Cleansing Balm. Cleansing is so important for skin however a lot of cleansers can be a bit too harsh. Our cleansing balm is super gentle, deeply cleansing and moisturising. I am a huge fan of plant oils for protecting the skin, especially from transepidermal water loss, Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil in the morning or Deep Feed Nourishing Facial Serum for night time are both packed to the brim with plant goodness.. Throughout the day the Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist is the go-to, just a little spray and I’m good to go.

What made you start your own independent skincare brand?

Bees, when I became a beekeeper, I really got into plants and how powerful they were. I then started asking myself the question: what exactly goes into skincare, what are the specific ingredients in these products that we so easily put on our skin? This got me thinking and with the complex simplicity of bees, it led me to the whole idea of having skincare products that were made with minimal ingredients but still were effective and put skin health first.

Thank you to Zaffrin and the team for today’s feature. You can shop Five Dot Botanicals here


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