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Introducing two new independents here in Liverpool

Introducing Sutikku Bowl and Pitfire Liverpool, two new Aigburth based independent restaurants serving the finest classic Japanese and Italian cuisines.

Liverpool is a city of some of the best independents about. Whether that be shops, restaurants, or bars. Lately Liverpool has had a surge in various independents popping up around the city. This feature showcases two of the latest independents in South Liverpool, Sutikku Bowl and Pitfire.

Introducing Sutikku Bowl…

I mean look at how beautiful the restaurant is for a start? The beautiful artwork by @cheriegrist really lights up the space and enhances the beautiful Japanese food created by the guys and gals at Sutikku!

The indie owned and ran space hosts some of the best Japanese food with reviews that scream excellence. The traditional food on offer is on a whole new level of quality at Sutikku Bowl.

From Gyozas to Don Buri and the traditional Katsu Curry are all well worth shouting about.

Personally, I love how they’ve taken the classic Choux bun and turned into the perfect afternoon pick me up or sweet treat for the days when we need a sugar fix!

Introducing Pitfire Liverpool…

Pitfire Liverpool have been open for just over one week and are already as busy as ever. We aren’t surprised why either. The traditional Italian pizza space is based in Aigburth in South Liverpool.

Pitfire serve some of the best traditional wood fired pizzas in the city with pizzas to die for.

Pitfire offer many different classic pizza toppings and the idea of traditional Neopolitan pizzas from a good independent business makes us feel good about supporting them and less bad for our bodies eating excessive amounts of pizza!

I would recommend all of the pizzas for obvious reasons but I don’t think you can go wrong with a traditional Margherita!

You can support Sutikku and Pitfire on Instagram


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