A Q&A with Founder Alex Frech on why Good Liverpool encourages you to support your local independents.

Liverpool is a city known for its thriving independents, whether that be coffee shops, restaurants, vintage stores, independent food and drink merchants and Good Liverpool want to celebrate that by creating their own online marketplace where you can shop all your favourite independents under one roof!

I spoke to Alex Frech, the founder of Good Liverpool and asked him some questions on why he started Good Liverpool and its benefits to the independents around the city.

What made you start the online marketplace Good Liverpool?

Good Liverpool was born out of Black & Ginger – we’re a creative agency based in the Baltic Triangle and during the beginning of lockdown we noticed many of our neighbours and favourite independents were closing their doors – from coffee spots to our regular lunch hangouts. It was devastating to see and we knew we needed to do something which would help support them in times of uncertainty.

What is the aim of Good Liverpool? 

Good Liverpool is an online platform to celebrate and support Liverpool independents. Originally set up as a place for local businesses to quickly list their products online and have these delivered around the city (allowing people to get their fix of their favourite restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, breweries and more), it has now developing into something much more than that, with more focus on unique collaborations, exclusive products and exciting new concepts. Everything we do is backed by purpose and doing good, such as our top-up feature giving customers the chance to donate to local food banks during the checkout stage.

Did you have thoughts of starting Good Liverpool for a while or where you inspired because of the UK lockdown? 

It was completely reactionary. We’ve got loads of knowledge of the independent scene in the city, particularly around food & drink since we have worked with and branded many of the indies through Black & Ginger, however e-commerce was a new space for us to explore. Lockdown was a chance for us to get out of our comfort zones and do something positive during a pretty worrying time. It’s been a big learning curve but we’ve absolutely loved connecting with so many amazing people and businesses and supporting them through the project

What are your ambitions for Good Liverpool in the future? 

We’re looking to launch lots of new products in the coming months (food/drink and beyond) and create an offering that’s really unique for the city, particularly in terms of exclusives, gifting and collaborative products. We’re working on a few treat delivery box concepts at the moment amongst other things (keep your eyes peeled!) which we think will go down really well. We’d eventually like to take the brand beyond the city, showcasing the best of Liverpool to the rest of the country and the world.

How can new independents get involved with Good Liverpool, If they’d want to have there products on an online marketplace? 

The best way is to drop us a line at . We’re always up for connecting with new businesses and seeing what we can come up with together.

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