When I first started my website I contacted Phoebe Rose after seeing her beautiful products and one of my first ever galerie de aims features was born!

Phoebe Rose London creates handmade dress designs made from hand-crafted high quality fabrics. Phoebe creates stunning pieces for you to wear at the most stylish of occasions but this new collection called ‘Envy Me’ is Phoebe’s latest new collection and is perfect for those occasions where you want to be well dressed and glamorous but still wearable!

Below is my Q&A with the fabulous Phoebe on her new Envy Me Collection.

 what are you most excited about with the new launch?  

‘This collection is actually quite different from my previous collections… these pieces are a little more wearable and less for a specific occasion. I’m excited for my current customers and new customers to see a different side of Phoebe Rose London designs’. 

What made you choose the designs you have & where did you get your inspirations from? 

This year has definitely shaken things up for everyone… we can’t travel and socialise like we used to so I made sure that my designs are still glamorous but very wearable. My inspiration for this collection definitely came from 90s supermodels and runway shows. I have always loved vintage clothes and classic movies! 

what are you looking forward to in the future with your brand? 

I’m looking forward to next summer!! I have some beautiful styles designed already and I’m hoping it will be a much more positive year for us designers! I also love seeing my customers in my designs and I’m excited to grow my PRL community on social media. 

what’s your favourite piece from this collection? 

I can’t actually say too much because I’m dropping new pieces every week and can only talk about the styles that are already online! There’s definitely a little black dress that has my heart! 

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