the brand you should definitely know about:

Phoebe Rose London is a brand every woman should know about & heres why…

Phoebe Rose London.

Phoebe Rose London hosts some of the most beautiful handmade dress designs I’ve seen in a long while.

Established 4 years ago by Phoebe Rose Georgiou who has spent her life in the fashion industry and comes from a family who’ve spent their lives in international fashion.

Phoebe Rose London boasts the message that women should always feel empowered in themselves and what they are wearing and should feel confident and sexy. Her pieces are all about women standing out from the crowd. Phoebe’s beautiful designs are mostly made to order to keep all the pieces individual however, with such high demand Phoebe is creating stock in Europe to keep up with the demand.

Phoebe herself sources all the beautiful handmade fabrics from equally beautiful locations in Italy and the UK.  Phoebe’s inspiration for all her designs from her previous travels in the Bahamas, Morocco and Greece.

Below are Phoebe’s favourite pieces from her collection.

All her designs can be found here

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