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The best of the Non-Alcoholic drinks for Dry January

4 of our favourite alcohol free alternatives for you to try this Dry January, for those partaking.

With dry January already upon us we have decided that we would share our favourite non-alcoholic drink alternatives for you to try this January to get you through the dry January challenge if you are partaking.

Our guide consists of four lovely brands that make refreshing and crisp alcohol free drinks for you to enjoy this season and throughout the year.

Here are our recommendations…

Punchy Drinks

I was first introduced to Punchy Drinks during the summer of 2021. The refreshing flavours of punchy and its lovingly named punches ‘ Golden Hour, First Dip and Holiday Romance’. Each Punchy is super flavoursome and refreshing and can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. The 3 (Soon to be 4) flavours of Punchy seriously do pack a punch flavour-wise (no pun intended). At first glance you think ‘Oooh different’ when you see the flavour combinations but oh my do they work well. My personal favourite is the Ginger, Chai and Peach flavour with the corresponding gorgeous packaging. Each flavour is beautifully light and refreshing and can be added to alcohol to create an alcoholic punch ( Once dry January is over for those taking it on of course!). I really do not think it is needed as they are perfect on their own.

Lyle Spirits

Known for creating non-alcoholic spirit alternatives Lyre create alternatives that taste just like their alcoholic counterparts but without the alcohol! The spirits from Lyre have a refreshing flavour and acidity without being too bitter or sweet.

It is rare to see non-alcoholic spirits nowadays and even rarer seeing non-alcoholic cocktail sets. I mean how good is that. They truly make for a great gift that has great flavour and is not overly sweet and leaves you without a dreaded hangover the next day.

I would recommend the passionstar martini set as it is refreshingly tart and beautifully flavoured with the classic passionfruit martini flavours. There are so many alcohol-free alternatives by Lyle, you would struggle not to find anything for your tastes, there is something for everyone.

Photograph from http://www.lyres.com

Bottle Green

Bottle Green have created some lovely drinks that were perfect over Christmas and continuing into Dry January. The cordials by Bottle Green are refreshing, crisp and can be added to sparkling water for a light fizz. However, my personal favourite drinks by Bottle Green are the ‘Bramble’ sparkling press and the ‘Raspberry and Pomegranate’ sparkling press is equally extremely light and fresh. All of the presses by Bottle Green are great non alcoholic alternatives that leave you ready for another glass.

Photo by BottleGreen.com


Shloer is something that has been in my life for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I would have Shloer to drink whilst the adults drank white and red wine. It is a great alcohol free alternative. The countless flavours are all equally delicious. My personal favourite flavour is the Rose version as it is light, crisp and tangy. It gives you the feeling of drinking rose without the effects of it! (For some haha) There is many flavours of Shloer and one to suit everyones personal tastes.

Shloer can be purchased via most supermarkets here in the UK and online.

Photograph from Shloer.com

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