Gabestar Amsterdam by The Cool Collective

Meet Gabestar, the dainty jewelry brand by The Cool Collective in Amsterdam.

When we visited the beautiful city of Amsterdam we visited the Cool Collective in the 9 Streets area. I was lucky enough to receive two of their gorgeous jewelry pieces from my boyfriend whilst on the trip.

I was fascinated by their collection ‘Gabestar’ as the pieces are classic, beautiful and super reasonably priced for the beauty of the products.

Here is all you need to know about Gabestar…
What inspired the collection of ‘Gabestar’?

It’s our mission to spice up your daily routine. Whether you’re looking for minimalistic and timeless pieces or want to make statement; we’re here for you. We’re looking for the most trendy and fashionable pieces worldwide. And all for very affordable prices, so you can alway mix & match.

I have a few pieces from Gabestar, where can our readers shop Gabestar? 

We sell our items online on and instore at The Cool Collective in Amsterdam (Reestraat 18). Ofcourse we’re also available for sale on our instagram page

Your brand is classic and beautiful, where did the name ‘ Gabestar’ come from? 

Well my name is Gaby and everyone always called me Gabestar. When I came with the idea of jewelry & accessories I thought this was a nice name for the brand, also because of the word ‘star’ which has a sort of reference to jewelry, bijoux, bling bling 😉

What are your favourite pieces from your brand, that’s if you can pick one! 

I very much like the earcuff piercings. You put these in your second ear piercing and it sort of hooks in your auricle. and the larger oval earrings in various types are also very trendy and can be worn for every occasion.

What is next for the brand & store?

 We’re always looking for more new challenges for the brand and expanding of the collection. For now we also would like to grow more online. In store it’s already a big success, but we like to become bigger online with the number of qualitative followers on instagram and buyers in our webshop.

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