Meet La Maniak Paris: The Parisian towel and bath-wear brand we love.

La Maniak Paris are creating gorgeous bath-wear and we spoke to founder Diane about how the brand got started…

La Maniak Paris was a brand we came across by a fluke and we are so glad we did. We were intrigued by the concept behind a brand that chose to focus solely on towels and bath-wear.

This is something totally new to GDA and what a perfect Parisian brand to start our first ever bath-wear and towel feature with.

We spoke to the ever so lovely Diane who founded La Maniak Paris and here is everything she had to say about her business baby…

Where did the idea come from to start La Maniak?

It started during confinement (Lockdown) , having three children, and my husband, I wanted to combine aesthetics and practicality, so that everyone had their own recognizable towel.

When creating La Maniak, why did you choose to focus on bath-wear and towels?

I wanted to start with the bathroom, because it is the place where we take care of ourselves, and I wanted to have beautiful towels. Next will be the bedroom, the kitchen… to then extend the collections around the home.

The quality of La Maniak looks great, was creating luxury quality products important to you?

Quality matters a lot, we favor the made in France and in Europe by creating velvet-feel towels, with ranges of colors that can go together.
The collections are changing and I wanted to have hotels quality at home.

What is next for La Maniak and where can our readers buy your products?

The next collections will be for the hair, probably bathrobes and other collections with other colours. We also will aim for baby towels, sports towels and beach towels.
All the products are available on the website and on our Instagram shop.

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