Giulia Hartz at the Meme Gallery

One of our favourite artists/illustrator Giulia Hartz has an exciting exhibit in Milan’s Meme Gallery and we have all the information you need…

When we found out that Giulia Hartz was having her very own exhibit in Milan Italy at the Meme Gallery. The exhibit is on until the 15th of February 2022 which is perfect as you can visit freely whenever you wish.

Giulia Hartz is an Illustrator and Strategic designer. She studied at the Politecnico di Milano and graduated in industrial design. She was born and raised in Italy but currently lives in Berlin after graduating with a Master’s degree in Strategic Design. It was during the Masters degree that Giulia began her deep exercise in which she later specialised: illustration with a special attention to objects and visual communication for companies and individuals.

She has now worked with AEG, Tinder, Instagram, Einaudi, Vistaprint, and many other famous brands. Pink is her favourite colour and her production is often characterized by this colour. With this project similar to a performance by the illustrator, Meme Gallery has “determined” the theme on which it would like to specialize its production, food, and continues to discover and promote young talents in the field of graphics and illustration. 

I’m so extremely proud to announce my very first solo show at Meme Gallery from January 15th to February 15th, 2022! Meme Gallery, a small curated art showroom in Brera district, and I got together under the very Italian topic of food to design a very pastel experience for you to visit and of course – buy art! We are happy to welcome you at the vernissage on January 15th from 5pm to 8pm and yes, I’ll be there too to say hi!

Giulia Hartz on her exhibit in Milan

For those who are not local to Milan or cannot make it to Milan to see the exhibits we spoke to Giulia herself on what it means to have her own exhibit.

Over to Giulia…

Firstly, how exciting is it for you to have this new exhibition in Milan? Where did the collaboration come from? First of all I wanna tell you about Meme Gallery, a small curated art showroom in Brera district – famous in Milan to be flourishing with art and art galleries. The gallery was previously used in the 60s as the gatehouse of a late 19th century building. The space is spreads over three levels, becoming a bright three-storey silos with a height of 7.50m. The gallery is a few steps from the Feltrinelli Foundation, the Anteo Cinema, and Piazza Gae Aulenti and Meme Gallery reached out in November with the idea of getting together for an exhibition about food – a theme that the gallery is pursuing through out the year with every artist they will welcome in the gallery. Of course, I’m extremely excited to be the first one of 2022!

  • Why was it important for you to be able to showcase your art in a gallery? 

The overarching goal Meme Gallery has is to get closer to a younger art public while pushing good art. I agree with Maria Angela Di Pierro, founder of Meme Gallery, when she points out how galleries feel as places far from the daily life of young art lovers. Our goal is, while showing my work, to enable people to get closer and more comfortable with spaces like galleries – which eventually are nothing else than cool art shops. For me personally it’s a great chance to physically bring my work across the digital dimension of Instagram and see where that leads my visual language, as well as getting to meet those who support me!

The Meme Gallery looks bijou and cute, why was Milan an important place for you to host your exhibition?

Having studied in Milan for my Bachelor (at Politecnico di Milano) it is a great feeling to come back to this city with my exhibition. Milan has always been the only place I say I would back to Italy for so – it is a special one for me for sure!

What can people look for at the exhibition, what works are you showcasing and why? 

As I said before, this whole exhibition journey is been a great opportunity for me to develop my visual language further and explore if and how my work could go beyond illustration in the direction of tangible objects. The exhibition evolves around the two themes (briefed by Meme Gallery) of food and love, hence why the subtitle “An exhibition about food, love and falling for both”. As a starting point I asked myself: when do food and love come together? To me the answer is: a date! In my head it’s an afternoon date, with cake, champagne, romance and of course, quite some sassiness. This has been the inspiration for the setting and elements. 

Most of the pieces have been exclusively designed for the occasion, hand-made and produced in limited quantities in Italy. However, a selection of other products that you might know already from my online shop or as result of brand collaborations will also be at the gallery. In general, a range of products will be available – hopefully for every pocket – all tied to the central topic. I am also proud to say that the exhibition has been designed as an overall small intimate experience for the visitors to discover the artworks, but also step into this afternoon date. Hopefully – they will fall in love!

Important information:


Opening dates: 15 JANUARY H17.00Opening hours: Tuesday/Friday” h.15.30-19.30, Saturday and Sunday by appointment, Monday closed Admission: Free

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