Artist Spotlight: Meet Jessie Feitosa

The artist putting all our favourite things onto canvas…

Jessie Feitosa is an artist from Australia who creates pieces of all her favourite things onto canvas, such as cocktails, flowers and all those beautiful things that we all know and love.

We came across Jessie on instagram and we are so glad we did as soon as we seen her pieces we knew we wanted to do a Q&A to find out more about Jessie and her work.

Over to Jessie…

What made you become an artist and where did your main inspirations to come from?

What made me become an artist was a deep inner desire or calling that never went away. As a child I was passionate about art, it was one of my earliest memories painting and drawing. But it wasn’t until I had my Daughter in 2019 that I finally gave the time my art needed. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years so my main inspiration is food, wine, cocktails and beautiful table settings you can see that influence in my work. I am also really inspired by the interaction of shadows and light in my paintings.

Why did you decide to focus on the style of painting that you do?

I decided to focus on my style of painting because I like capturing a moment with good food, good wine and good company. Painting different styles of food, drinks, colourful dining setting, incorporating florals etc there is so much you can bring to a dining table setting and that’s what keeps me interested.

What inspires each piece and which is your favourite?

Each piece is inspired by just like with creating a beautiful dining setting there is balanced composition, a nice colour pallette that makes it inviting and visually pleasing for your guest that’s what I’m inspired to bring in my paintings. My favourite painting is one of my most recent paintings which was part of my solo exhibition at Michael Reid Murrurundi Gallery. The painting ‘Aperol Spritz and Fresh Flowers’ came together nicely I really enjoyed painting the coloured flowers, the shadows and the movement in the drink.

What is next for you as an artist and where can our readers buy your art?

Next for me is working on a collection of paintings with a colour pallette of pinky, peachy, orangey and nudes for a very exciting project more details to come. The best place to keep up to date with my art and where to buy is on my Instagram @jessie_feitosa there in the bio is where you will find links to my shopify website, galleries, exhibitions and stores that I am currently stocking my art with.

You can shop the collection of Jessie’s pieces here

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