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Introducing Please Enjoy This by Ana Christie.

Today we meet the Peru based brand owner Ana Christie.

Galerie de aims is so proud to have featured various artists and creatives here in the past and they always go down well with our readers.
When sourcing brands, artists and creatives to feature on Galerie de Aims we always look for fun inspiring people and brands that deserve more exposure and that we think our readers would enjoy the story of. Today we visit Ana Christie in Peru, a country known for its creative art and artists alongside beautiful landscapes.

Ana Christie starts what we hope to be many features with South American creatives and brands here on Galerie de aims with her brand ‘Please Enjoy This’ and we can say we did. Her designs have evolved from being purely digital to being now on clothing, cards and prints.

We wanted to speak to the beautiful Ana Christie about why she wanted to evolve her brand further than being digital to shipping her designs to all corners of the world.

Perú is such a great country for art and creativity, what is your favourite thing about being an artist in Perú?

I think I like that it is a very colourful and diverse country, these are two things that fill me with a lot of inspiration.

Your Instagram shows your work and we love how fun it is. Why did this artistic style appeal to you initially?

I think I have always had and liked that style, from the way I dress, in my work as a graphic designer or now as an illustrator. Since I was little I liked to make combinations with my clothes and my sister’s too. She always dressed very cool and inspired me to try new and colourful clothes. I think it’s important to have fun with what you do 🙂 Also, I really like it when people smile when they see something I’ve made and it makes them happy even if it’s just for a little while. That’s a very nice feeling.

We love that you make clothing out of your designs, why was it important to branch out of conventional art/prints?

I think it combines two things I love, drawing and fashion. As a graphic designer and art director, I have been able to work in fashion and beauty, and when I started drawing again, I thought it would be a good idea to mix both. I like to make small collections, and prepare it so that it is a special object that you receive and use. I always try to connect it with some print or stickers where the drawing is part of the garment you are wearing or the drawing is wearing the garment, because I really like to mix the real world with the one I draw. Anyway, I always go back to cardboard, or canvas (physical or digital), but always looking for new mediums to draw, such as ceramics, which I found in one of these searches.

What would be your tips for someone who wants to be a freelance artist but doesn’t know where to start yet?

I think I would advise to start painting, drawing or doing what you like for yourself and think that if it does not go as expected it will only be one more exercise along the way, but the important thing is to start doing. Step by step we will find the style that we like the most and once you feel happy with the result, you can start showing them to your closest friends, family and then little by little to the whole world. In this, as in many things we do, practicing is what gives us the experience and what will help us to improve, always trying to enjoy the process.

Why did you feel you wanted to expand from being an artist to owning an online store with many products made by yourself and what are your tips for owning an online store?

I think it’s a way to bring what I do to different people. Before the pandemic, I had started to go to some art fairs but all this was suspended because of the quarantine, so at that time I decided to create the online store so that people can access the different things I do for the day to day. Once you have your online store, I think the important thing is to have good photos that show the product as the customer will receive it and to put all the important details that the customer should know. It’s not easy, but I like to prepare the orders, especially the ones that are gifts because it feels nice to be a small part of a special moment.

Why was it important to share your story with a publication that focuses on sharing independent businesses?

I really liked the way the stories are told and the topics covered on your website. I think there are many artists or independent businesses that we do not know because of lack of exposure, and it is very important that there are spaces like this to give more visibility to this kind of work. So thank you very much for giving me a space to tell a little bit of my story 🙂

Wanting to know more about Ana Christie’s beautiful brand and where to shop her products?

To view her Portfolio: https://anachristie.com/work
To explore her quirky Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pleaseenjoythis/
To shop her online store (Worldwide shipping): https://pleaseenjoythis.com/

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