Leopardo Leopardi: The pastel-loving indie in Barcelona

If you’re into pastels and pink this feature is for you…

After talking to Carla from Leopardo Leopardi on Instagram after a recommendation from the lovely Ana from Please Enjoy this (we featured Ana’s fabulous art brand here. During a trip to Barcelona wanted to visit Carla’s store. We hopped on the Metro to her store. Once you leave Fontana station it is only a few moments walk away from Leopardo Leopardi. A lovely independent concept store with pink and pastels at its heart.

The store is home to many independent artists such as Please Enjoy This By Ana in Peru. Leopardo Leopardi was a new venture for founder Carla after many previous businesses that she explains in the Q&A below.

We are so excited for Founder Carla to feature on in our ‘A galerie of’ series on Instagram stories about her Barcelona recommendations. You can view these on @galeriedeaims.

Over to Carla to talk about her lovely business in the heart of Barcelona.

Why did you feel it was important to you to create a store that sold designers and independent artists products?

I am a very creative person and for years I have had different ventures such as a brand selling cushions and another selling rugs. So I understand what it is to start with different and unique products to which people do not usually have access and give them access. So I wanted to make them accessible. I wanted those beautiful little products to be seen in the home. Always with a splash of pink or pastel somewhere!

Why did you feel that area of Barcelona was the perfect place for your store?

I think my store would be more successful in a different area of neighborhood in Barcelona, where there are tourists, curious people, and creative people. The area I’m in isn’t the perfect location because it’s an area for older people to retire to in the city. But more and more people are attracted by pink, art and originality, and they come only to see and enjoy the space.

Who are some of your favourite products by in your store and how do you source them?

Janira Gaya, Eva Boch, Pitaya, Pleaseenjoythis, Taxi Brousse, Sommi de cotton, Noquedatinte…
Instagram has been where I have been able to meet and bring most of the brands that are in the store. Searching and investigating always arrives at what one is looking for, especially when they are such special things. What makes me happiest is that some of the people behind the brands have become my friends and that makes it all even more worth while.

You host some lovely events in your store, what is next for you and how can people book for the events?

Every month the gallery changes its artists, so really every month there is an opening. Also monthly markets and various workshops that I am still organising.

Where did the idea for creating Leopardo Leopardi come from for your and was it a dream come true?

Years ago I had a vintage clothing store and I closed it because I didn’t feel that my creativity flowed being in front of the public all day. After becoming obsessed with discovering rugs in pastel shades in Morocco, it began to cross my mind to sell things only in pink and pastel colours. Suddenly an opportunity came to me to create a physical space in Barcelona. In less than a month Leopardo Leopardi was created. With a new concept in mind, bringing people together, creating, giving space to new designers… I try to spend fewer hours in the store so that I can concentrate on making all the ideas that come to mind real, and that often stay there in store.

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