By Moon Bags: Everyday bags with a twist

Introducing Madrid based Meri who has turned her childhood hobby into a business

Imagine your childhood hobby becoming a business in later life. Well this is what happened to todays feature guest Meri who owns By Moon the Spanish based brand making beautiful handmade bags that are perfect for everyday wear but with a twist.

The bags are bold and are made to create drama to your everyday outfit. We spoke to Meri on why she decided to take her hobby into a successful accessories brand whilst studying in Madrid.

Over to Meri…

What inspired you to start your own handbag business & why did you think bags would be a good choice?

I started Moon Brand during lockdown. It wasn’t something that I had planned, it just happened. I’m Spanish, but I’ve lived for six years in Brazil. (from 2013 until 2019). So, I spent the lockdown back home in Cordoba, where I had not lived since 2012. As a consequence of a lot of free time, I started looking through my old things that I had left at home and I found many beads and accessories that I used when I was younger.

Since I had a lot of time, I started making earrings and I sent them to my friends. They told me that I should sell them, and I wasn’t really sure because it just reminded me of when I was younger and I “sold” bracelets at the beach with my cousin. But after many messages, I decided to give it a try. I started with earrings and then I moved into bags. I think that bags are an essential item that can also be used as an accessory that builds personality to an outfit. So I really liked that idea!

I love your reckless nights collection, what inspired the designs?

Honestly, I love the 90s fashion and anything related to metal and mesh designs. So when I found the gold metal mesh I had to give it a try. It is a very unique material because it is metal but it can also be used as fabric, loved the duality.

Was sustainability important for you when building your brand?

Yes, it is very important. But as a small business it is hard to be 100% sustainable due to the price increase. But Ive always tried to be as sustainable as possible. With packaging choices and production means.

Where do you get your inspirations for styles of bags and color schemes from?

Everything inspires me. I believe that moon is a consequence of all my experiences. Places I’ve lived, traveled and the people that I have met. It is in the routine where I find inspiration everyday. But I have to say that Brazil has definitely inspired me a lot.

What is next for Moon as a brand & what are the next collections for you to release?

It is honestly a hard question because I’m graduating this semester and I don’t know what is going to happen, but I would love to continue with my project because it is my dream. But in the near future, I am working on releasing statement accessories for summer. Working on flower chokers and hoping to release more items.

A special thank you to Meri. To shop By Moon click here

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