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Instituto Marangoni: A new sustainable masters degree in Responsible Fashion

Istituto Marangoni London has recently announced their latest launch of a new Masters in Responsible Fashion launching in October 2023 for the next academic year.

The London school is continuing its initiative to promote sustainability within fashion. The well established school is plowing forward towards promoting sustainability within fashion by introducing this latest masters degree programme which will allow students with fashion design, fashion business, textiles or other relevant experiences to continue their studies into new depths of critical thinking, problem solving and important knowledge. All in which will allow students to know how to innovate new responsible sustainable fashion systems.

The school will equipe the students with the resources they’ll need to reimagine the fashion industry in futures to come.

Students will look into the future of the fashion industry and find innovative ways to resolve the challenges in fashion today.

A new look into the fashion industry is needed, with people who think creatively and critically and also can work collaboratively with the understanding to work with the skills and visions that would enable the fashion industry to transition into a more sustainable and responsible future.

The course entails a series of team and solo projects. The students will develop and apply their learning to ecological designs, alternative economics, future sourcing and many more in-depth studies in the topic.

Additionally, they will look into the development of new fashion systems and create beautiful products that reflect the goals and disciplines of the course.

The course includes a framework of practical sessions alongside lectures, seminars, field trips. They will develop collaborations that research, explore and create responsible fashion systems that are beneficial to the care of the planet but also proactively positive to the people too.

Key content of the programme includes:

• Critical debates and ethical positions for fashion and luxury.

• Alternative economics, ecology and systems thinking for fashion.

• Human-earth relationships, regenerative and indigenous knowledge systems.

• Futuring and creative problem-solving.

• The dynamic synergies between theory and practice. 

• New business models and new design practices for a responsible future.

The London school recently announced their mentorship with Grace Wales Bonner, award-winning British fashion designer and founder of menswear label, Wales Bonner. Grace joins an array of influential fashion mentors, including Katie Grand and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, who were previously Ambassadors for the London and Paris school respectively. The school’s revered teaching methods, wide international network and quality resources will allow for the new course to be well-integrated into the institution’s curriculum.

“It is with great pleasure and honour that we announce the addition of our new MA Responsible Fashion programme to the London school. We believe it is important to make large strides to integrate sciences into the arts in this new era of Symbiocene, where we aim to shape the minds of students towards a sustainable human-nature alliance. The intersection of fashion, design and responsibility is very important today and we are excited to help maintain this harmony in the future of the arts.” says Valérie Berdah-Levy, London’s School Director.

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