Chamiah Dewey: The brand changing fashion

The brand creating pieces with short-statured people at its heart.

Recently, we came across Chamiah Deweys fashion show at London Fashion Week. After seeing it trending on multiple platforms across social media we were intrigued to find out more about the brand and why it was important for the founder Chamiah to create pieces that are well needed in todays age of fashion and beyond.

To read the full story on the importance of fashion created for all, Chamiah was lovely enough to do a Q&A for Galerie de Aims on why she decided to start her brand to the feelings of having her brand shown at the ever so influential London Fashion Week.

Over to Chamiah…

Where did the inspiration to start your own sustainable fashion brand come from?

Chamiah Dewey Fashion was Founded by Chamiah Dewey, (a 22 year old at the time, Fashion Student at London College of Fashion) in 2021.

Lots of people are intruiged as to why Chamiah, an average-height woman would start a clothing brand for short stature people… In 2018, Chamiah met and worked alongside a young person with Dwarfism on a youth program. During this time, Chamiah learnt so much about Achondroplasia, the most common form of Dwarfism; she learnt about it’s challenges, daily set-backs, but also the resilience it built within the short stature community.After this encounter, a huge impression was set upon Chamiah’s mind, she knew that she wanted to explore creating clothing for short stature people.

After much research and multiple university projects later, she learnt that there wasn’t much out there for people with Dwarfism or short stature – especially if they wanted to feel stylish and timeless…

Why was it important to you to focus on creating pieces for short stature people?

Chamiah Dewey Fashion addresses the critical issue of the lack of positive representation of little people, especially in the fashion industry. We directly challenge societal perceptions of little people that have been conditioned into society for hundreds of years.

Fashion gives us a form of expression. Think of an outfit that makes you feel confident… now imagine this being taken away from you, in place of clothing that is always two times too long and requires costly alterations. The only options on offer are unflattering, not cost effective or stylish.

How did it feel to showcase your brand at London Fashion Week?

I cried! It was such an Intense lead up to the show, a month of sewing non-stop to make It happen. The models hadn’t tried the looks on until the morning of the show, so there was a lot of pressure Incase things didn’t fit. Luckily, my measurements were accurate, and everything worked perfectly!

There was a lot of anticipation before the show, myself and the models weren’t sure how It would be received. But at the point where all the models had walked/wheeled, and they were doing their final round, It was obvious that our brand had the loudest cheers and claps, the models were beaming from ear-to-ear, and the happiness just flooded me. I had to take myself off for a cry, I sobbed like a baby!

The models came to find me and we all hugged and shared the moment. It Is so far the best moment of my life.

What was the response like from your show at LFW?

Fortunately, the feedback throughout the whole process has been really positive. The community are so welcoming, understanding and willing to help! The wider fashion community haven’t quite Involved us yet, but that’s to be expected when such a niche, and ground-breaking brand launches. Typically, when I speak to the average-height person about what I do, their first reaction Is ‘Oh my goodness, I’d never thought of how little people find clothing!?’ – It’s lovely to see people’s mind’s open up to how other people live.

How has showcasing your work in a fashion show inspired you now? 

It shows me that there is always still work to do and that it is needed more than ever.

What is next for your brand and what excites you for this year? 

We’re in the process of updating and expanding or size chart to be even more inclusive for people under 4’11” tall. We aim to be the number one brand for short stature people in the world. Think Long Tall Sally, but for small people. We’re excited to release two more collections this year, and to make more of our community through conventions, fashion shows, and expos.

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