La Tribeau: Ethical & Beautiful lingerie

Beautiful Lingerie made in Portugal, whats not to love?

When looking for lingerie there are so many options out there for all different price ranges, sizes and styles. I have always bought high-street underwear some have been great but others have tended to rip easily or fray which isn’t ideal. So after hunting for some well made and well-sourced lingerie we came across La Tribeau, a Dutch lingerie brand. Each piece has a matching counterpart of a bra or knicker or sometimes body in colours that has something for everyones individual style.

Galerie de Aims and Dutch brands seem to go hand in hand as we have featured Dutchies previously and we are back again with another lovely Dutch brand by Guusje Verhoef, Fashion Editor extraordinaire who has branched out from her day job in Elle Netherlands to create her own fashion brand specialising in ethical and sustainable Lingerie made in Portugal.

Introducing La Tribeau

What was the inspiration for starting La Tribeau?

During my fashion studies in Amsterdam, I wrote my thesis on the viability of a fashionable and sustainable lingerie brand. That is how I found out that this is hardly available and that I wanted to change that. Simply because I believe that, in this day and age, lingerie should be (mostly) sustainable, environmentally friendly, and always ethically made. I talked about it with others regularly and discovered that many more women feel this need. The seed for La Tribeau was planted!

In addition to (mostly) sustainable lingerie, I wanted to create a whole world around the brand. I want to get to the level where you, the person wearing it, want to be the brand. With La Tribeau, I want to create a tribe of sisters who are confident, informed, engaged. Women I am not going to send endless emails about sales, discount codes, and new collection drops. But who I will send a personal message on their birthday. 

Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off but in between these moments so much is happening. La Tribeau is a collective experience and a destination to live your best life. It takes you to the gap between those moments when you are stimulated, challenged, and inspired. It feels you, nourishes you, and invites you to join our tribe.

Where do the ideas come from for each design so they are individual ? 

I am fashion editor of ELLE Netherlands, so always look to magazines and the runway for inspiration for colours, patterns and styles.

Is it important for you to cater for different body types when creating your products? 

Yes, La Tribeau is for everyone. Now I am going untill size XL – but I want to go bigger and look at breast sizes as well – I have big boobs myself and a small waist and I often find it hard to find the right bra. This is what I would like to solve in my next collection as well. 

What makes La Tribeau different from other lingerie brands? 

Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off, but in between these moments is a big gap in which you get challenged, stimulated, and inspired. At La Tribeau, we would like to give you a taste of our daily dose of inspiration; from beauty hacks to date nights, decor ideas, playlists, and everything in between. Think of us as a sister… but without us stealing your clothes ;). As sisters, we will not only talk about which lingerie we’re wearing but also what we have had for breakfast or what kind of travel plans we have for the upcoming summer.

We get you, and we are here to inspire you with the atmosphere around us to live your best life. We inspire the people around us with a complete lifestyle and blog so not only pushing on selling. Plus, we make fashionable lingerie that is sustainable. By sustainable we mean fairly made in Portugal by only women, made with 90% recycled fabrics, and for our shipping we use only biodegradable paper and boxes. 

What does 2023 have in store for La Tribeau? 

I hope I will launch my next drop end of May / June. Little sneak peek: it will be a lot of colours and trend colours we see on the runway. Sunset gradient and all shades of blue. 

To shop La Tribeau and join their tribe click here

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