Rouri: The brand inspired by the free-spirits of the Mediterranean

Introducing Barcelona based Rouri by Rocio.

Spain is home to many independent brands that have unique backstories and we are proud to have featured some of them on this website before and today’s feature showcases another one of them.

Rouri as a brand was started by Founder Rocio, an inhabitant of Barcelona, Spain. A city that is home to many beautiful independent brands. Rouri differs from the masses due to its very ethereal and natural vibe of the products. Each piece from the brand is truly unique due to its free-spirited style and inspired by island life in the Mediterranean. Rouri’s products are all sustainable and have the care of Mother Earth as one of it’s main focuses.

We spoke to Founder Rocio about how social media has affected her brand and why it was always her dream to be an independent clothing brand owner in Spain. Rocio also as a Founder wanted to create a brand that had the self- confidence of women at its heart.

Over to Rocio…

What was the inspiration behind starting Rouri for you and was it a dream of yours? 

Since I can remember my dream was always to become a fashion designer and have my own brand. I literally was obsessed since I was a kid, doing fashion shows at home and dressing up every day. So when I moved to Spain I decided I was going to start little by little in the pursue of my dream and learn about the fashion industry. 

The theme of Rouri seems very free-spirited and very Mediterranean, why did you feel that this style was right for your brand? 

I thought at first it was because I moved here to the mediterranean and got obsessed with everything, la costa brava, the culture, the colours, everything but then I though about it more deeply and I would say that my influence came from my childhood, my mom and grandmother are very Rouri inspiring women always at the beach, loving life, and colour white was always our special colour. My homes from when I was a kid they have Ratan furniture, nature everywhere, white natural textiles. 

What is the best thing about being an independent brand in Barcelona and Spain specifically? 

I love being able to be free, choose what I want. Do what I like without any adults telling me I’m wrong or that I have to follow certain rules. I have a very determined mind on what I want in life and how that life looks and my job makes me fully happy and everyday I’m grateful to be able to have this freedom. 

What are your favourite pieces from Rouri and how would you style it? 

My favourite is The Ambar Blouse and the Valerian shorts, its a look that never ever fails. Makes me feel unique and beautiful always and they are also classics that go with everything. For me its always a must to wear hats and Menorquina shoes that are the most comfortable summer shoes I know. 

What is next for Rouri as a brand and can you tell us more about the upcoming Rouri escapes? 

Its a secret still but im working on getting a shop in Barcelona. A safe place where people can come and feel welcome, events, artists, support locals, show all the work to people and be more human. I love to be in contact with my followers and I think the shop is the next big step. 

Rouri Escapes is still a work in progress, I just want it to be a guide in the world to all my favourite places and people to know where those are. It frustrates me when influencers don’t share amazing places of the world and I want to share people a guide to all Rouri style places. 

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