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Sister the brand: Creating products inspired by Cyprus.

Showing why it is important to remember your roots…

When sourcing brands for the website I always look for brands and stores that have a beautiful backstory and are creating products or providing a service that people need to know about.

Todays feature brand is no different. Sister the brand, based in Berlin out of a beautiful studio which showcases their Cypriot style jewellery and ceramics.

All of their products are handmade by talented makers in their home country of Cyprus. This is which is what drew me to the brand and wanting to meet the founders and hear why it was important to use makers back in Cyprus to create the products for the store.

Over to Sister the brand…

Why was it important for you to work with local makers in Cyprus to produce your products and what is the story behind that?

My goal with Sister was first and foremost to share with the world the wonderful traditions of Cypriot craftsmanship. Pottery is an ancient craft on the island and the village of Lefkara has been known for centuries for its silversmithing. Nowadays, there are not many who continue the craft. It’s an honour to be able to produce our pieces in such a unique place with rich history and with people who feel like family.
The story behind each of our pieces is inspired by the island, our history, our traditions and our way of living. These stories can only be genuinely conveyed if they are produced by hands that are immersed in Cypriot culture.
Our Aphrodite pendant is one example of this. She is the Goddess of love and beauty and, according to legend, was born on the island of Cyprus – just like myself, our producers and our pieces. She is the connection between all of us and even those who wear her. That’s also where the name Sister originated. It’s all about connection. It began as a way for me to reconnect to my home but has developed into so much more than that.

What is the best thing about being an independent business with a studio in Berlin?

Being independent means having the flexibility and freedom to create on your own terms. Having a space in Berlin opens up so many possibilities – to meet customers, to host events, to create a space that inspires my daily work. But being tied to a physical space is not always necessary. Having an online presence is really what allows me to grow and become truly independent.

Your ceramics seem to be very sharing-orientated and gift-worthy, why did you opt for the style you did with the ceramics?

Our ceramics are pieces that our ceramist Panikos is known for. He finds beauty in creating items of use. There is nothing more Cypriot than sharing food and bringing gifts to loved ones.

How have you found the response to opening an independent studio in Berlin selling products that are very personal to you?

Jewellery is always personal. It holds a story but is also open to interpretation. So what is personal to me, is often personal to our customers. We sometimes receive emails telling us stories of joy or sadness, always filled with emotion, as to why they chose to gift our jewellery.
I love getting to know our customers in person. It’s part of my personality. I love explaining the story behind each piece to customers that come by to our studio and enjoy showing them books and pictures of the ancient world from which I draw inspiration. It becomes more of a conversation which becomes so much more fulfilling.

What is next for Sister as a brand and where do you see it going with new products?

True to our values, we are working on new pieces inspired by ancient goddesses of the island.

All photos taken by Isabelle Bamburg @ studio.aldente on Instagram

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