Three brands changing the game at the moment!

Manicurist, Rouje and OZN are all brands that are changing the game whether that be in inspiring us with beautiful stylish french fashion on instagram and online. Or changing the nail polish game by creating cruelty free and vegan nail polish then these three brands are the ones to watch!
These are all my personal opinions but if you want to check out any of the brands you can use these links! (Non Affiliate!)
Over to Rouje, OZN and Manicurist


When is Rouje not giving constant outfit and interior inspiration. Rouje has featured on galerie de aims before. Jeanne Damas has been a style and life inspiration for me for the longest time.
Rouje creates the most beautiful pieces that really fit my style brief of timeless and classic pieces. All of the Rouje pieces are so versatile and really embody that stereotypical french girl chic sense of style that I try to emmulate in my own style.
Some of my favourite pieces from Rouje include the Aldo blouse in the shade ‘Jacquard Sable’ and the Carrie Skirt in the shade ‘Rouge rose du soir’.
Rouje also create beautiful beauty products and compacts that are perfect for anybody on the go.

OZN: Plant based Nail Polish

OZN is a German nail polish brand that specialises in creating vegan nail polish.
I came across this brand recently and found some beautiful transitional shades that are perfect for the period from Winter to Spring .
Plant based and cruelty free nail polish seems to be taking the world by storm and I for one hope that it is the way forward!
Some of my favourite shades from OZN are Caecilia, which is a lovely orangey toned transitional shade which is perfect for all skin-tones.
Additionally, I love the shade Tina which is a red toned polish with subtle hints of orange, which are perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons.


Manicurist has seemed to be a firm favourite from many people and many people on instagram are constantly raving about it and I can definitely see why.
All reviews I have saw of Manicurist have always been positive and are a great plant based nail polish brand without any of the horrible not needed chemicals added into them!
Manicurist was started by its founder as they had a passion for creating beautiful nail polishes but making sure they care for the environment at the same time.
Some of my favourite Manicurist shades for the upcoming spring season are Old Rose which is a beautiful dusty pink shade. Also Hortensia which is a neutral shade but adds a little something to the nails.
Finally, another shade I love from Manicurist is Lilas, a light and fresh pastel shade perfect for the blooming spring season.


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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