Introducing… Love Stories

Time to share your love stories. The new galerie de aims campaign incoming this Valentines Day.

Love Stories, a campaign I had wanted to start since I started galerie de aims in early May 2020. Hearing people’s stories of how they met or hearing about a love somebody has for someone or something, that maybe a place, a memory or literally anything.

When I was sixteen years old I used my pocket money to buy a book I saw on the shelf at my local supermarket. To be honest I wasn’t much of a reader of books and I would mostly use my pocket money to buy a magazine and a lipstick I didn’t need. However, I saw one book stand out and it was ‘This Modern Love’ by Will Darbyshire, a book that changed my opinion on books and one that got me reading and one I still read to this day 5 years later.

By no means do I think that my love stories campaign will be anywhere near as successful as Will Darbyshire’s ‘This Modern Love‘ as my following is a lot smaller (but still growing slowly but surely)

This Modern Love‘ inspired my love stories campaign as I wanted part of galerie de aims to be a space online for people to discuss their love stories, whether that be a first date story or a date story generally, a love story to someone, something, a love letter to a place or a memory. It can literally be a love letter to anything.

I wanted this to be a space for people to openly share their love stories, they can be anonymous if you wish or you can also write under a pseudonym if you wish!

All the love stories submissions will be collated into the new ‘galerie de amour’ collection here on galerie de aims.

The first submitted love story will be live on Valentines Day 2021 (14th February) at 3pm!

More details here:

  • All contributions are voluntary.
  • Submissions can be handwritten or digital.
  • Each love story will be uploaded to
  • Please state in your email if you would like to remain anonymous, if you’d prefer a pseudonym please state this also in the email.
  • However, if you would rather not be anonymous please state this in your email.
  • If you would like any images to be used in the feature add these to your email. (5/6 images maximum- these will also be used in the feature image unless you state otherwise in your email!)

Promotional Feature Images

If you don’t wish to submit a love story you absolutely do not have too! But, if you know somebody who would you can share these images below!

Submit your love story submissions to


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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