The ultimate Parisian morning with Good Morning Liverpool

Start your weekends off the right way, with a breakfast box from Good Morning Liverpool! A Q&A & review of the Le Beau box!

(This feature with showcase a Q&A with Oisin from Good Morning Liverpool and a review of the Le Beau box I received. A gifted item is mentioned in this post but ll opinions are honest and my own. 🙂 )

As anybody who knows me knows I love anything quintessentially French or Parisian. Right now I am dreaming of visiting Paris or France as a whole and trying all the delicious pastries from the beautiful boulangeries’. However, Good Morning Liverpool have bought Paris to us here in Liverpool with their pastry breakfast boxes hand delivered to your door on a Saturday.

I was lucky enough to receive the Le Beau box from Good Morning Liverpool on Saturday and it made my Saturday. The Le Beau box contained 4 pastries, 1 Pistachio Croissant (🤤), 2 Classic All Butter Croissants and 1 Pain Au Chocolat. All of the pastries are handmade by baking extraordinaire Marius, known affectionately as @thebutterholic on instagram!

All of the pastries were beautiful and perfect for a weekend morning in bed all cosy. I would highly recommend treating yourself to a Good Liverpool Morning box, you won’t regret it.

The Valentines day box looks so dreamy and hopefully it’ll be a surprise breakfast treat for someone on Valentines Day!  😉

Over to Oisin for the low-down on Good Morning Liverpool

Where did the idea for Good Morning Liverpool come from? 

French pastries… The thought of fine patisserie, great coffee, the smell, the texture, all said one thing, pleasure. Whether we’re in lockdown 1,2,3 or 4, one thing we don’t have much of is pleasures.

After launching our partner business, Good Liverpool, Alex Frech soon came up with the idea for Good Morning. We spent a lot of time looking for a high-quality, local bakers without any success – in fact we soon realised that specialist pastries weren’t something we had a lot of in Liverpool. People in Liverpool are very well travelled, having an airport on our doorstep, however those European touches we crave are actually hard to come by, and no better time to launch an online delivery as today.
Good Morning is perfect way to help people feel good come the weekend. And we’ll be knocking on your door come Saturday, helping you start the weekend with a smile.

As breakfast being one of my favourite meals of the day did you find it easy to decide on what breakfast foods were included in the service?

Yes! The original idea behind Good Morning was of French pastries and high-quality coffee being delivered every weekend, giving people a treat to look forward on Saturday mornings.
As the business has developed we have begun to see the scope for a number of different ideas and offerings so we don’t plan on stopping there, with plenty in the pipeline. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Why did Good Morning Liverpool decide to create such beautiful and delicious breakfast boxes rather than lunch or snack boxes? 

The interesting thing about mornings is that no one really owns this space. There are cereals, and other lovely treats but no one seemed be covering breakfast deliveries.

If you think about a normal experience pre-Covid, you may take a walk to your local baker or supermarket for some tasty breakfast treats, but that’s all gone now and people shop more strategically. I personally only do one major shop per week and grab what I can local. People just want convenience and safety. If they can have quality as well that’s even better. One thing that is for sure in lockdowns is that people like to make themselves feel better – and why not, they should.

There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh pasty with a great coffee, and how amazing that it is now delivered. We can do that, we can put that smile back on your face, we really believe that we can help make your morning that little bit better.

What are you excited for with Good Morning Liverpool? 

There is a lot to be excited about for Good Morning. We have an amazing team behind the brand and lots of ambition. Our first goal is to perfect the morning service – after all if we arrive late you get a full refund! That’s how committed we are to a great service. We then want to expand our coverage. Currently we only deliver to South Liverpool but hope that we can grow this quickly.
Before too long we hope to be regularly offering a wide variety of breakfast’s and weekend treat boxes. From health kicks to occasion boxes, we will be delivering it.

How did you come to work with Marius aka @thebutterholic?

Well, the Good Morning project has been in the pipeline for a long time. Alex originally came up with the idea early in the first lockdown but it took a lot of work getting the business to a point where we were happy to bring it to the Liverpool public. A big part of this development phase was finding someone talented that we could work with.
With the direction of prolific local food blogger (Becky from @Eatlvpl), we got in touch with Chef Marius and were just blown away. He’s passionate about his work and to quote some of our reviews, “makes the best croissant this side of the channel”. In fact one reviewer said they were better than what they had tasted in Paris. I think that commendation speaks volumes. It was a no brainer for us to partner with Marius and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our small, growing business. National growth or possibly Liverpool’s first Croissanterie, who knows…

Again I want to say a big Thank you to Good Morning Liverpool for taking part in this feature and gifting me the Le Beau box- it was beautiful!

Keep up with Good Morning Liverpool here.



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