Meet ‘The Butterholic’: The patisserie taking the city by storm

Seriously its amazing… A Q&A with founder Marius.

The Butterholic has taken the Liverpool pastry scene by storm and many independent businesses sell the Butterholic pastries because they are THAT good.

All the pastries are handmade by Marius himself in his unit and we are so lucky for him to take time out of his busy baking schedule for this Q&A.

Over to Marius aka The Butterholic…
The Butterholic seems to be taking over Liverpool with your croissants!
What is next for the Butterholic?

Thank you. I think there are many amazing independent bakeries and bakers in the area, but it is definitely a dream come true seeing my products in some of the coolest places in Liverpool and Wirral. The next steps for us are to move into the new unit in November and hopefully find an apprentice. At the moment, I am baking and preparing the stock on my own, so it would be nice to have someone giving me a hand. 

What would be your biggest tip for someone wanting to get into patisserie?

 They need to be passionate about it, be prepared to work hard and wake up at early hours in the morning. It is not an easy job, but when you see the final product, made with your own hands and the appreciation of the people around you, it is all worth it. This is what drives me and makes me forget all the struggles. 

Where can fans of The Butterholic get their hands on your pastries?

Our website ( is the best place to look for the most updated information about stockists and our pastry boxes.  

What is coming up for Autumn/Winter for you? Any exciting flavours or new boxes?

We will soon launch our Halloween boxes which we are very excited about. Then Christmas is coming up, so we will definitely be incorporating the holiday theme into our bakery and introduce a new range of pastries.

We are also hoping to expand our delivery zones, but at the moment the main focus is moving into the new unit. I am planning on being more active on social media and create more videos and reels for our Instagram. I honestly cannot wait to have a bigger space and show people the work that goes on behind the scenes.

You can shop The Butterholic here


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