Trying to stay productive in lockdown.

The tips I have learn’t about how to stay the most productive during the times you want to curl up and forget about the deadlines haha!

The various lockdown’s has proven difficult for all of us in so many different ways. Many people are trying to balance working from home with teaching from home. As a student I have been working and studying from home since March 2020. Along the way I have had ups and down when it comes to motivation. To be honest, the time has flew by and I wanted to give you all some of my tips I have learn’t since last year on how to be productive working from home. Obviously everybody’s life and style is different when it comes to working from home and your methods of being productive but these are my tips.

My Productivity tips:

Planning your day the night before.

I find that if I write myself a to do list the night before, when I wake up I know what I have to do that day and I then find it easier to visualise my day! (It always helps me if I write that days tasks in order of importance)

I got a planner for Christmas from Ohh Deer and it is so beautiful, I would recommend Ohh Deer for beautiful planners.

(Image: Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer collaboration)

Getting Dressed

I know this sounds obvious but I find getting out of my pyjamas and having a shower and getting into more day to day clothes I instantly feel ever so slightly more productive. To be honest this is something I should work on as this lockdown and the last two made me feel less productive than ever. Most days I am in loungewear or leggings and hoodies which there is nothing wrong with! (I mean who is really wearing jeans or trousers at home anyway haha!)

But either way I do find even just changing out of pajamas into day to day comfortable clothes puts me in the right mindset for the day.

The benefits of the great outdoors & stretching

Sometimes spending a lot of time at home on my laptop working on university deadlines or on my blog I tend to feel my eyes start to strain or the feeling of being slightly cooped up.

As I am working from home alone most mornings I do try to complete my important deadlines or blog features in the morning/day as in the afternoons I like to get outside and get my steps in for the day.

Sometimes being sat looking at a screen all day can be taxing on my eyes and also it takes a toll on my posture so I find stretching or Yoga beneficial after hours and hours of sitting in the same spot.

(Some images in this feature from


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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