How the pandemic changed my skincare, haircare and wellbeing

A look back on the products and rituals I have taken up since being in a lockdown

There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed us as humans. We have spent a lot more time at home and our homes became more than just a home, it became our workplace, our lecture theatres, our pubs and our restaurants. Something we never thought our home could be. I never ever thought I’d be completing the most important university year by myself at home over zoom.

Many things changed for me during the pandemic, for one galerie de aims magazine was born, something I don’t think would have ever happened had it not been for being at home thinking constantly about it. I think it gave me a push to do something I had always wanted to do and here we are now nearly one year on and 98 features in and my gosh I am so glad I did it.

The pandemic changed my overall outlook on skincare, haircare and wellbeing and heres why:


My skincare routine and focus for it changed dramatically during the first lockdown as I changed from being out everyday and wearing makeup to being at home daily and not even considering makeup but really having the time to focus on my skincare routine and considering the products that work for my skin. I found my skin became clear and a lot more glowing and hydrated.

The products I found helped my skin during the pandemic and ones I will now swear by and use from now on are the CeraVe foaming cleanser which has changed my skin completely, it is gentle on the skin and leaves skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

Facial moisturisers have always been something I have flicked between over the years and never found one that didn’t eventually make my skin breakout or become excessively oily. However, some have been a real success for my skin as you have seen in previous features. Recently, I have found that NIVEA products have worked well for my skin and gave it the much needed moisture. I found the day cream and night cream have changed my skin and they are now one of my go to moisturisers. It was by pure chance finding them as the lockdown made me choose one that was accessible to me from the supermarket.


The numerous lockdowns have caused me to completely changed my hair and general haircare routine and to be honest being in the lockdown has made my hair a lot healthier by using a lot less heat and washing it a lot less. These new rituals have changed my hair and its shine.

The lack of heat on my hair has completely changed my hair. It has became a lot more shiny and less greasy. The lockdown has changed my hair and changed the way I now look at my hair, I now have learnt that I do not need to wash it daily and less heat equals better hair.


My wellbeing has completely changed during the lockdowns and the pandemic overall. I have found myself falling in love with going for walks and spending time surrounded by nature. For one it has allowed me to take many beautiful photographs for the photography side of my degree but also allowed me to get my daily steps in. Something I partially struggled with before the pandemic, I was more just casually walking places rather than purposefully going for a long walk.

Cooking has become a huge passion of mine and something I find myself looking forward to. Before I spent a lot of time at home I often found myself eating out or not ever cooking for my parents. I have now shared two recipes on the galerie de aims magazine instagram of some recipes I have loved lately. (Leave a comment of recipes you would like to see.)

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