A love letter to reading

By Olivia, a Bookstagrammer.

When life gets troublesome, there are very few things that can completely transport you away from your worries. Reading, however, is one of those few things.

Throughout the challenges of lockdown, I have found that getting lost in a good book has helped me escape some of the worries and negative thoughts that can become all too overbearing at times.

Whatever book genre takes your fancy, you can be transported to a different decade, country or even a different world which I think holds something so magical about it.

There are so many options, even if you don’t read fiction you could read historical non-fiction that brings you to the past or you could read a self-development book that completely changes your aspect of life.

For 10, 15 or 20 minutes a day – reading offers me solace that not much else can. Particularly in lockdown where travel has been suspended, social interaction limited, it has helped me a great deal to pick up a book and connect with new characters and new settings.

Many people will tell me that they find reading a chore or having to do reading as part of education has led them to not enjoy reading as much. I do believe that anyone can enjoy reading, it’s just about finding the writing style, genre and characters that suit you.

Reading, especially contemporary/modern fiction, allows us to explore social issues too whether that be feminism, race, class, sexuality. It has opened up my eyes to a new world of commentary on social issues that otherwise I may not have heard or discovered.

Some of my favourite books are those where the characters reflect traits that I see in myself and follow their journey, as it becomes very relatable to me. Other books that I love I may not have a distinct connection to but instead have fallen in love with the world and characters throughout.

A book that I cannot recommend enough is City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert as she excellently builds a glamorous New York world, as well as introducing fantastical characters that makes you feel as though you’re in 1920’s America.

I don’t think anything could compare to the love I have for reading and I am happy that my bookshelf can best be compared to a passport – transporting me across the world (or even sometimes the galaxies) – whenever this reality gets a little too much.

If you’re looking for the perfect element of escapism, I highly suggest taking up reading. If you’re not sure where to start, try searching for any books you may have read in the past and see what books are related as a starting point. If you’re not sure what type of books you have liked in the past, try bestseller charts and read a few of the blurbs or excerpts to get an idea of what interests you.

I hope you all find love as great as mine for reading.

Feel free to share your favourite books with me at livsreadingcorner” and then my Instagram is Instagram.com/livsreadingcorner


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