Virago Barcelona: styling the new S/S collection and meeting the designers.

Meet Ines and Laura, the founding designers of Virago Barcelona

Virago Barcelona is the brainchild of Ines and Laura, two female designers who create timeless pieces from beautiful materials and textures. The two recently released their new Spring/Summer collection ‘A place in the sun’ which was inspired by summer nostalgia and giving beachwear a space to be worn outside of a beach setting. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and can be worn in various different ways. The textures and prints are rare and bold, a contrast from the stereotypical ‘flowy’ natural looking beachwear. Virago have expanded what beachwear can be and it’s safe to say I am excited for what is to come with Virago. Ines and Laura are the designers to watch this season and beyond.

Styling the ‘A place in the sun’ collection

Beach Villa Pants in Marble:

The textured effect of these pants makes them stand out and are something special. The bold texture creates a look perfect for transitioning from a day at the beach to a warm evening dinner in the sunshine. Styled with a floral blouse or a halter neck top/close fitting halter neck bodysuit. Any shoe would be perfect paired with these pants as the colour white pairs well with so many colours. I personally would opt for a block heel in a fuchsia colour as if you look closely the pants boast a fuchsia stitching around each seam.

Friends with Benefits Top in Fuchsia:

It is safe to say this top is one to show off, the openness of the front and bareness of the back makes this top a stand out one for sure. The perfect top for the beach but also the perfect top for a date night in the sunshine. For the evening I would pair with three quarter length jeans and a flat sandal. A lovely thing about this top is that the back can be tied in various ways to really make it your own style.

Windy Day Flora Top

This top is one of my favourites and in my opinion is the perfect S/S top. I would pair these with white denim shorts or white straight leg jeans even to keep it brand loyal the Virago beach pants would pair extremely well. A strappy sandal would pair well with the Flora Top but also a ‘slide’ style of sandal too.

Summer Nights Blouse in Vanilla

A tip from Virago is as this blouse is a small style so sizing up is advised. The vanilla blouse would be paired well with a floral or patterned trouser would create an elegant and effortless look. A fitted midi skirt would work well too as a fitted bottom and a flowing top works to create a more fitted effect as two flowing pieces may look slightly baggy. Additionally, I would pair a traditional bucket bag with this vanilla blouse to keep it timeless and effortless.

Here’s what Ines and Laura had to say…

Beach Villa pants in marble pictured above:

What inspired the new collection?

“This months we have been reaaaally missing the summer breeze, it’s weather and light and the comfort of flowy materials. So, the mix between this nostalgia and Slim Aarons’ vibes in his pictures where the main reason of creating “A place in the sun” collection. When you see it all together, you really understand the vibes that we were pursuing: playfulness, good energy and some naive attitude towards life.”

 Where do you find your inspiration for upcoming collections? 

“Depending on how I feel when designing. Sometimes it is something I remember from my own life and sometimes I find it when looking for feelings I want to feel again. It may also be someone I want to become or places I imagine living in, even if the might never exist. At the end of the day, creating is the greatest of all feelings: no boundaries, limits or rules – you are allowed to be inspired from everything and anything and turn it into life through clothing.”

The colours and textures of the new collection are so beautiful, how did you decide the colours and textures for this collection? 

As you may already have noticed, pink has always been our favourite. We don’t really have a shade of pink that we like better, all shades are welcome in our world. In fact, we love colours as a whole. Mixing them and using them as a way of expressing how you feel. Pop colours to us have a wonderful aura – they make you happier and stronger. We don’t know why, but we are always choosing colours that have a statement when seen on clothing. Also, this summer, we are really into greens. Maybe because being locked in a city made us feel that we were in need of grass, country and trees.”

Virago is a gorgeous brand, how did it come about?

 “It was a long process. While working for other brands, I always had the urge of creating what my imagination was telling me but, of course, I couldn’t do this for the other brands as I had to follow their own essence. So, after fighting back and forth with my own ideas, I went for it. VIRAGO was born after the meaning of ‘virago’ in latin.

The word was used to describe a woman respected by men for her strength, power and braveness. Originally it was used as an insult to call a girl “mannish” when, in fact, the attributes to be considered that were only compliments: isn’t being strong awesome? yes, it is. Isn’t being powerful good? yes, it is. Isn’t being brave something we all want? Yes, it is. So, the word VIRAGO really meant a lot to the soul we wanted for our brand – you can be sexy yet brave, you can be feminine yet strong and you can be delicate yet powerful. “

Why is it important to you to be an independent business? 

It is not that it is important or not to us. It is more related to knowing your business from head to toe.

To feel every decision as life-changing, to demonstrate that you are capable. But, in fact, there are drawbacks too: being small means every step you take is really dangerous and, at the same time, we don’t know everything. In conclusion, we are an independent brand now, but we want to achieve very important goals that may include some other key partners in the future. We are open to evaluate opportunities when they may come.

 I love all of the products in the ‘place in the sun’ collection but my personal favourite item is the Windy Day top, what are yours?

Laura: Beach Villa Pants Marble: it is elegant while being trendy with it’s texture. Something original you can have in your closet that you will never get tired of.

Ines: Friend with Benefits Top Fuchsia: a classic in Virago. Our best-seller converted into something super summery.

Windy Day Top pictured below:

Shop the new ‘A place in the sun’ collection here



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